Five Things You Didn’t Know about Lauren Jauregui

On her own Lauren Jauregui isn’t all that well known but she has managed to gain some notoriety for her part in the girl band Fifth Harmony and for other things that she’s done throughout her six-year career thus far. Considering that she hasn’t been in the industry that long there’s still a lot of time for her to get going with a solo career since she’s already impressed the judges and seems to not have as much to prove in the way of talent. Now it’s just a matter of getting her name out there.

She has no problems being outspoken.

5. She competed on The X Factor.

Despite being impressive and wowing the judges she didn’t finish in the top tier as was found that she wasn’t quite able to cut it on her own just yet. But again she’s still young so there are a lot of chances yet to take and a good deal of time for her to find a hook that will work with people and allow them to know that she’s for real. Sometimes it’s just a matter of letting them know you’re there, or shouting it at them repeatedly.

4. She was a part of Fifth Harmony.

The girl band was something she became a part of when it was discovered that her solo career wasn’t going anywhere in particular. Simon Cowell formed this band and tried to make it into something, which he did for a while. Unfortunately the band decided to go on a hiatus just this month in order for the girls to work on solo projects. So far nothing has really been forthcoming but it’s still very early for any news to have cropped up.

3. She was featured on one of Halsey’s albums.

It could be that Lauren might have to piggyback off of someone else to get her brand going. It wouldn’t be the first time that someone did this and it won’t be the last since a lot of people have managed to find their own fame by riding on the coattails of others. It’s not the preferred method but it if it works and respect is paid then there shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

2. She is actively involved with several protests.

She has no trouble speaking her mind and is most definitely not a Trump supporter. She’s voiced her concerns over such things as the Muslim ban and the discriminatory practices against the LGBTQ community that has come since Trump took office. She is also a self-admitted feminist and has managed to make her voice be heard more than once on a few issues that she feels very strongly about.

1. She did a spread for Playboy magazine. 

It doesn’t look like she went all the way nude but he pictures she did are very alluring and tastefully done. If she’s using this as a means of getting her shot at fame though it’s something that could reach out and bite her later on if she went any further with it. Of course the way it looks she did just enough to give herself a very appealing appearance without having to strip down all the way.

She’s working to get her name out there, that’s what it takes.

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