Five Things You Didn’t Know about Kym Johnson

Five Things You Didn’t Know about Kym Johnson

Kym Johnson is as you can already guess a dancer on Dancing With The Stars. The outfit kind of gives her away but if you watch the show then you likely recognized her pretty easily. She started out in the Australian version of the show before moving on to the US. Since then she’s been performing pretty regularly throughout the years, but it could be that she might slow down that she and her husband are bound to be parents soon.

Having one child would be hard enough to keep a career with, but she’s having twins apparently.

5. She moved to the US version of Dancing With The Stars in 2006.

She made the jump in 2006 and continued on until 2015. She did come back in 2017 to keep going but has suffered through at least a couple of injuries that were worrisome despite not keeping her from dancing. She’s been good enough to be on the show but it really seems like she gets moderate to decent scores most of the time when she’s in front of the judges.

4. She began dancing at the age of 3.

This had to have had a lot to do with the fact that she’s so comfortable up on stage and can perform in front of so many people. The practice and the passion that she’s used to keep herself going is strong enough that she’s managed to dance through a neck injury before without stopping. That’s either very tough or very foolish but quite honestly it’s also a bit risky since there’s no telling just how much those injuries might be aggravated if she keeps going.

3. She once performed with Jerry Springer.

She didn’t get very good marks for the performance but a lot of this seems to have to do with the guest that comes on to dance with the professional. It’s amazing at times to think that some of the guests can really get into the music and dance just about as well as the individuals they’re partnered with but sometimes you’d almost expect that they would have two left feet and be absolutely horrible.

2. She’s come in fairly low when it comes to partnering with certain individuals.

It could just be that she’s not the same caliber dancer as a lot of the other individuals but that doesn’t feel like it’s the case. The guest stars are those that are probably in decent to good shape, but still aren’t always professional dancers. Their skills tend to lie in other areas and their moves on the dance floor become involved with that as they clunk one way and then the other. It doesn’t seem fair to the professionals but they do practice.

1. She’s released a fitness DVD and a book.

The DVD is called 5678 Fitness while the book is The 5876 Diet. Both are geared towards helping people get fit, while the book is designed to help people eat healthy by giving out various recipes that can help with a person’s weight and promote good health.

She’s a great dancer, and hopefully she’ll be a great mom.

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