Five Things You Didn’t Know about Ksenia Solo

Five Things You Didn’t Know about Ksenia Solo

Before you get your hopes up she is a real person and not related to Han Solo in any way, shape, or form. Knesia Solo is an actress born in 1987 who started her career in 2000. She’s been a busy woman since then since her filmography is quite impressive and gives her a leg up on the kind of experience that actors need to remain relevant in Hollywood. As one of the relatively younger actors in the business she’s got a lot left in the tank so to speak which means that despite her already extensive resume of films and TV shows there’s a lot room for more that she could add. She’s already been a part of some very influential and important productions and is still bound to appear in many more as time goes by.

Here’s a few things you didn’t know about her.

5. She starred in Lost Girl.

As Kenzi she’s the type that’s extremely guarded around certain people and also tends to make rash decisions. She’s also a loyal friend and tends to go a little nuts on those that might not have her BFF’s best interests at heart. Kenzi is kind of like the wild, unrestrained individual you don’t see coming until it’s too late. Up until that point she’s just the type of person that you want to be cautious of.

4. She starred in Turn: Washington’s Spies

Interestingly enough it seems like Peggy, the role she plays in this show, was the main reason for Benedict Arnold’s defection. If anyone is struggling to remember who Benedict Arnold was it’s time to crack open a history book and recall that he was once a colonist that turned against his countrymen in an attempt to allow the English to overtake Westpoint.

3. She was born in Riga, Lavtian SSR and raised in Toronto.

Her family moved from Riga when she was very young and she became a Canadian then after. According to all information that is given though she still claims her Russian heritage and dubs herself as a Latvian-Canadian. This is a fairly common occurrence that isn’t given a lot of thought but it does speak highly of people when they want to remember their roots.

2. She quit ballet at 14.

A back injury forced her to quit dancing since the strain became too great. Many activities tend to be too strenuous with any type of injury to the back, though it’s kind of a shame since there’s no way to know just how good she could have been. Her mother was a ballerina as well until she turned to acting. One has to wonder if Knesia misses it at all.

1. She’s involved with Stand for the Silent. 

Stand for the Silent is an anti-bullying campaign that is designed to help raise awareness about the effects of bullying in all aspects of life and to alleviate the hurt it causes. Knesia is one of the directors of the foundation, which is pretty impressive really since it means she really cares.

This last fact alone makes it very easy to respect this woman.

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