Five Things You Didn’t Know about Homestead Rescue

Homesteading is about becoming self-sufficient. Unfortunately, sustainable agriculture, renewable power, and other core components of modern homesteading are complicated topics, so much so that it should come as no surprise to learn that a lot of homesteaders struggle when starting out. Like its name suggests, Homestead Rescue is a reality TV show about a core cast providing such families with the help needed to turn struggling homesteads into success stories.

Here are five things that you may or may not have known about Homestead Rescue:

Stars a Father and His Two Children

The core cast consists of Marty Raney and his two children, Matt Raney and Misty Bilodeau. Unsurprisingly, they are successful homesteaders from the state of Alaska who have the skills needed to fish, hunt, raise livestock, and otherwise survive in an untamed landscape without the conveniences that most of us have come to expect as part of civilization. Furthermore, it is worth noting that the trio are excellent craftspeople in spite of their use of simple tools, as shown by some of the things that they have built over the course of their lives.

Focuses on the Most Obvious Improvements

There was a limited period of time that the trio could spend with each homestead that appeared on the reality TV show. As a result, they focused on the most obvious improvements that could be completed within that time frame instead of focusing on something that would need much more time and effort than what was available. In particular, they focused on repurposing materials so as to reduce costs in the true spirit of homesteading, though it is interesting to note that it has been said that some of the improvements were much bigger in scale.

Marty Raney Approves of New Homesteaders

In an interview, Marty Raney acknowledged that some of the homesteaders who appeared on the reality TV show lacked the expertise and experience needed to create a successful homestead. However, he offered no criticism. Instead, he stated that he approved of them because they were willing to take a serious risk for the sake of changing their lives. As a result, Marty Raney strove to pass on important skills without berating the people who were learning from him.

Pitched By Discovery

It is interesting to note that Homestead Rescue was pitched by Discovery, which reached out to Raw Productions for the purpose of creating something that would come closer to the roots of the TV channel rather than its current incarnation. As a result, both Discovery and Raw Productions showed positive responses when Marty Raney stated that he wanted authenticity as well as as little scripting as possible.

Could Get Sued

With that said, it is interesting to note that Discovery Channel could end up getting sued sometime in the future because of a disgruntled couple named Kim and Josh, who stated that the reality TV show edited out the successful part of their homestead and added in elements that made them look much worse than what they were expecting when they agreed to the addition of dramatic elements. With that said, it is interesting to note that Kim and Josh had nothing bad to say about Marty Raney. Instead, Kim was actually complimentary.

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