Francesca Curran: The Talented Force Behind Skinhead Helen in OITNB

Francesca Curran: The Talented Force Behind Skinhead Helen in OITNB

As the new season of Orange is the New Black unfolds, fans eagerly anticipate the drama, humor, and emotion that have become synonymous with the show. One of the most captivating aspects of the series is the in-depth exploration of each character, and Skinhead Helen, played by the brilliant Francesca Curran, is no exception.

Curran’s transformation into Helen requires a complete overhaul of her mannerisms, beliefs, and appearance. While Curran is a lovely and incredibly talented person in real life, her portrayal of this detestable character is so powerful that it’s easy to forget the distinction between the actor and the role. To shed some light on the person behind the character, here are five fascinating facts about Francesca Curran.

1. Commercials: A Different Side of Curran

While Curran is best known for her portrayal of Skinhead Helen on Orange is the New Black, she has also ventured into the world of commercials. One of her most notable appearances was in Warner Bra’s popular commercial “Girls Gone Comfortable,” which humorously depicts women forgetting to take off their bras due to their extreme comfort.

2. Intensive Training for OITNB

Curran’s performance in the show is a stark contrast to her real-life persona, but one aspect that remains true is her ability to fight. To prepare for her role, Curran underwent extensive combat training, mastering everything from wall-jumping and kicking to aerial flips. As a result, she proudly performs most of her own stunts on the show.

3. OITNB: A Reflection of Reality

Despite being a fictional show, Orange is the New Black effectively addresses real-life issues faced by many people. Curran believes that the current political climate surrounding race in America makes it the perfect time for her character to be featured. The show’s writers and actors skillfully weave these important topics into the storyline, creating a seamless and thought-provoking narrative.

4. A Well-Educated Actress

Curran’s natural talent is evident in her performances, but she has also honed her skills through formal education. She studied at the prestigious American Musical and Dramatics Academy, where she focused on musical theater. Although Orange is the New Black is not a musical, Curran’s years of hard work and dedication have undoubtedly contributed to her exceptional acting abilities.

5. The Transformation into Helen

Curran is often the first to arrive on set and the last to leave, due to the incredible transformation required to become Skinhead Helen. The process, which can take hours, involves shaving her head and applying extensive makeup. The result is a nearly unrecognizable Curran, who demonstrates her commitment to the role by shaving her head daily and wearing wigs in her free time.

Final Thoughts

Skinhead Helen is one of the most terrifying, offensive, and intriguing characters on Orange is the New Black, largely due to Francesca Curran’s phenomenal performance. Curran’s dedication to her craft, from honing her acting skills to developing combat abilities, is evident in her portrayal of Helen. With her impressive work on the show, fans can undoubtedly expect to see more of Curran in the coming years.

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