Emeraude Toubia: Uncovering Facts About the Rising Star

Emeraude Toubia: Uncovering Facts About the Rising Star

Emeraude Toubia: Rising Star and Multifaceted Talent

Emeraude Toubia recently celebrated her 27th birthday, and her acting career is taking off in a big way. Her portrayal of Isabelle in Shadowhunters has been nothing short of impressive. The stunning up-and-coming star is gaining popularity as the series progresses, attracting new fans with each episode. While it’s clear that she can act and possesses undeniable beauty, there’s much more to Emeraude than meets the eye. Fans are eager to learn more about her, so we’ve compiled a list of interesting facts you might not know.

A Proud Texan with a Rich Dual Heritage

Emeraude takes great pride in her Mexican roots and Lebanese ancestry. Born in Brownsville, Texas, she participated in various beauty pageants as a teenager within her home state. She was crowned Miss South Texas, Miss Teen Brownsville, and Miss Rio Grande Valley America while also competing in the Miss Texas USA pageant.

An Early Start to Her Acting Career

Emeraude’s first acting experience came at just ten years old when she appeared on the Televisa show “Mundo de Ninos.” Her passion for acting continued to grow long before joining the cast of “Shadowhunters.” In 2008, she competed in Univision’s “Nuestra Belleza Latina” during its second season and finished as first runner-up. Her well-developed acting skills can be attributed to coaching from Adriana Barraza during a Nickelodeon novela titled “11-11: En mi cuadra nada cuadra.”

Dreaming of Becoming a Disney Princess

Emeraude has expressed her desire to play Princess Jasmine in “Aladdin.” This dream stems from her childhood wish to become a Disney princess and her connection to her Arabic heritage. She believes that portraying the princess would be a “dream come true.” If there’s ever a remake of the show, she could very well be the perfect actress for the role. Her dual heritage allows her to identify with various aspects of both cultures.

A Passionate Reader and Advocate for Literacy

Emeraude is part of a group supporting the campaign called “The Magic of Storytelling.” The initiative aims to encourage families to read with their children, fostering a lifelong love for reading. It also provides books to underserved communities across the nation. Emeraude fondly recalls reading with her grandmother as a child.

Emeraude Toubia’s Love Life

For those curious about her relationship status, Emeraude is happily in love with her boyfriend, Prince Royce. The couple has worked hard to establish strong support for one another while balancing their busy careers and personal lives. Prince Royce showers Emeraude with flowers on special occasions, reminding her just how much she means to him.

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