Five Things You Didn’t Know About Dylan O’Brien

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Dylan O’Brien

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Dylan O’Brien

It is hard to spend any considerable amount of time in front of your television and not get a glimpse of the rapidly rising star, Dylan O’Brien. Many of you have seen in play the role of the witty and hilarious sidekick in the show Teen Wolf, while others of you have seen him The Maze Runner, a sci-fi extravaganza. And, if that isn’t enough, he decided to take on the Big Screen, working with big-time names like Kate Hudson and Mark Wahlberg in the motion picture, Deep Horizon.

There is no doubt that Dylan has been an extremely busy young man, but what most people are unaware of is the fact that he had a very successful YouTube career before going big time. So, what else is it that you didn’t know about Dylan O’Brien?

1. He Had a Diverse Childhood

One of the things that is often discussed when the topic of child rearing comes up is stability, but growing up, Dylan had anything but stability, as least when it came to staying put. He has literally lived all over the country. He was born in New York City, and he spent a significant part of his early childhood growing up in New Jersey, but that didn’t last because his family ended up moving to California by the time he was twelve.

2. He Had a Three-Year Period Where He Had No Friends

According to Dylan, the move to California left him without any real friends for the first three years. It is hard to imagine someone so outgoing not being able to meet people and build friendships, but for people who have been to both, New York and Los Angeles, it is not hard to understand why. The two cities are like oil and water. It would definitely take some adjusting to. Dylan said the only friends he had was the show, Friends.

3. Jennifer Aniston Was His First Celebrity Crush

Considering the fact that he has seen every episode of friends at least 11 times, it should be of no surprise that Jennifer Aniston was his first celebrity crush. When you literally see a woman that beautiful two to three time per day, it easy to see how her image became seared into his brain. Plus, who would want to shake that image?

4. Acting Is In His Blood

While there are many stars who made their way to Hollywood on the long road of broken dreams, there are some who literally have acting coursing through their veins. Dylan is definitely a part of the latter. Dylan’s mother, Lisa, is not only a former actress, but she runs an acting school. Even his father was a camera man. With this type of background, it destiny was written long begore he ever arrived on the scene. He is a natural.

5. He Almost Went Into Sports Reporting

Although it is obvious that Dylan chose the right career, there was a time he was giving serious consideration to becoming a sports reporter. This was not so much that he loved the idea itself, but it would have allowed him to report on his favorite baseball team in the entire world – the New York Mets. You hear so much about the New York Yankees that it can be easy to forget that there is another baseball team in New York, but Dylan hasn’t forgotten. He absolutely loves the Mets.

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