Five Things You Didn’t Know about Donnell Rawlings

Donnell Rawlings is an American comedian that’s been on the scene for a while now and has been seen around a few different venues. His style of comedy is a little off-color and something you have to be into but he is a funny person and he does know how to tell a joke. For someone that’s worked with Dave Chappelle on a regular basis though he’s definitely in the right line of work since he can get people to react to his jokes and make sure that they will be laughing when all is said and done. His comedy is just a little coarse but then again a lot of comics will play to their strengths and not worry about the crowd’s reaction until it’s absolute necessary, meaning that they’ll switch it up if the crowd isn’t buying what they’re selling.

He is a funny, you just have to give him a chance.

5. He served in the United States Air Force.

It’s interesting to learn just what certain celebrities did before they reached their current status. Donnell served his country and put in his time before becoming a stand-up comic. I do kind of wonder if he was as much of a joker during his USAF days and if perhaps he amused the others around him by telling anecdotes and jokes just as a habit and for his own amusement.

4. He knows Korean.

He’s managed to incorporate this into his acts on the Dave Chappelle show quite well. This makes a lot of sense since he was stationed in Korea during his time and made the attempt to pick up the language. That’s a pretty good idea it seems when you’re in another country for any lengthy period of time. It might be beneficial to speak the common language.

3. He’s been a regular on the Chappelle Show.

Donnell has been a regular on the show for a while, popping up with various characters and showcasing his talents in different ways as he’s spewed random bits of Korean at people and brought out one-liners that have made people laugh. If you can survive on a program like the Chappelle Show the chances are good that you should be able to go just about anywhere and do well.

2. He’s a comedian.

If you haven’t figured that out by now then I don’t know what to tell you. He’s a funny guy if you just listen to him and he knows enough about comedy to run a stand-up show of his own if he so chooses. His resume is extensive enough at this point that many people have heard about him, but he could always get just a little bigger.

1. He’s been active in show business since 2002.

He’s not a newbie in other words. Donnell has been around for a bit and has seen what the comedy act has to offer, which could be why he’s still there. People tend to gravitate towards what they want to do the most and if they’re good enough they tend to stick around for a while.

Watch an episode or two of the Chappelle Show and you’ll see he’s pretty funny.

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