Diving Deeper into Felix Mallard’s Life: 10 Fascinating Facts

Diving Deeper into Felix Mallard’s Life: 10 Fascinating Facts

Felix Mallard, a young and talented actor in his early 20s, has already made a name for himself in the entertainment industry. With notable roles in the Australian TV series Neighbours and the Netflix series Locke and Key, Felix’s career continues to soar. Recently, he was cast in the upcoming second season of Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist. As his journey unfolds, fans are eager to learn more about this rising star. Here are 10 things you didn’t know about Felix Mallard.

1. Mastering the American Accent

Felix’s flawless American accent in his US-based roles might make you forget he’s actually Australian. He has dedicated time and effort to perfecting this accent, which has become his go-to for acting opportunities. Interestingly, he was caught off guard when asked to use his natural accent while filming Happy Together.

2. Riding the Waves

Growing up in Australia, Felix has always been close to the beach. He loves spending time by the water and enjoys surfing in his free time. Both Los Angeles and Australia share a common love for beautiful beaches, making it a perfect fit for Felix.

3. Family Ties

The entertainment industry can be a challenging place, making it crucial for actors to have a strong support system. Felix is fortunate to have a close-knit family who genuinely cares for his well-being and success.

4. Striking a Pose

Felix is not just an actor; he’s also a professional model. Signed to a reputable modeling agency, he has participated in several photoshoots, proving that he’s the real deal in the modeling world.

5. A Call from Harry Styles

When Felix was cast in the TV series Happy Together, he received a personal call from Harry Styles offering him the job. This unexpected call from the famous singer added to the excitement of landing the role.

6. En Garde!

Felix has been passionate about sports, particularly fencing, since childhood. He competed in the Australian Fencing Federation in 2012 and 2013. However, his busy schedule might not allow him much time for fencing these days.

7. Artistic Expression

Felix’s creativity extends beyond acting. He is a fan of visual arts and enjoys drawing. Although he hasn’t showcased his artistic skills recently, his talent is undeniable.

8. Rocking Out

Felix’s list of talents doesn’t end with acting, drawing, and fencing. He’s also a musician and a member of a band called Enemies Alike. In an interview with The Knockturnal, he shared, “I sing more so because songs need lyrics. But I’ve been playing guitar for twelve years and with that came bass guitar and then piano.”

9. Standing Up for Justice

Felix uses his platform to advocate for social issues, such as ending racism and police brutality. He has not only posted about the Black Lives Matter movement on social media but also attended protests in support of the cause.

10. Venturing into YouTube

Felix started a YouTube channel back in 2013, but he hasn’t posted any new content in about a year. Surprisingly, the channel has only 844 subscribers, possibly because Felix doesn’t promote it on his Instagram. Nevertheless, it’s an interesting glimpse into another side of this multi-talented actor.

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