Five Things You Didn’t Know About Constance Wu

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Constance Wu

Constance Wu might strike you as the kind of actor that has paid more than her dues on her way up and you’d be correct in your assessment. She’s never had it completely easy and has still managed to reach the position she’s in at the moment by being the strong, iron-willed woman that she is. In truth she’s an inspiration for many people to follow since she did everything on her own and her way as much as possible in order to reach her goal.

That’s what it takes to get ahead in life, which is what a lot of people seem to have forgotten.

5. She’s a long-distance runner.

It’s easy to say and for those that do it the act is also easy to do. But in order to get into long-distance running like Constance you do have to have enough willpower to keep going out and pushing your limits as much as you possibly can. There are arguments that contend that running too much can weaken the joints and damage the body in many ways, but in all truthfulness the body excels when its limits are pushed.

4. She doesn’t care for parts that are custom-fitted to her.

She went into acting after all to be able to conform to any part that comes her way. Whether it be an accent she doesn’t naturally have or a look or attitude she doesn’t normally carry, Constance is most comfortable when she as to work to attain the needed role that she’s been cast into. She doesn’t enjoy being cast into a role that plays upon her natural ethnicity or looks as it seems too easy and therefore isn’t a challenge.

3. She embraces failure as a way to learn.

It’s possible to learn without failure but failing at something teaches a person one way that something isn’t meant to be done. The old adage that you can learn more from failure than from success if pretty true, but obviously one is usually considered to be more favorable than the other. Constance however learns from her failures and embraces the chance to do so.

2. She worked at the Gap for one summer.

Working in retail isn’t all that fun unless you’re intent on making a career out of it. Constance didn’t really enjoy it and thought, much as many people do, that it was a soul-sucking experience that didn’t offer a lot in the way of a future. How one interprets this however is all a matter of opinion. It’s possible to be successful in retail, but for many people it’s a midway point, not a career goal.

1. She paid for her lifestyle on her own. 

No one paid her way through college and no one helped her to get where she is today. By her own admission she’s had a lot to pay back when it comes to her education and her life. That’s admirable in a way but it’s also a testament to just how strong-willed she is when it comes to getting what she wants.

Let it never be said she didn’t earn her spot.

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