Five Things You Didn’t Know about Aardman Animations

Five Things You Didn’t Know about Aardman Animations

The biggest name in Claymation is Aardman Animations. Also known as Aardman Studios (or simply Aardman), they are a Bristol-based British Animation studio. Their most famous works are Wallace & Gromit, Flushed Away, and Chicken Run (each of which made use of their handcrafted Claymation techniques). Their most recent release is called Early Man. It focuses on a band of cavemen who survive an asteroid colliding with the Earth. Afterwards, they accidentally invent soccer — setting the stage for a classic underdog sports story.

It has been well received so far and should join the ranks of the rest of Aardman Animations’ most popular works. This studio is one of the best in Britain in any genre. If you are a fan of these incredible animators, you might want to know more about them. If that is the case, read on to learn Five Things You Didn’t Know about Aardman Animations.

Their Work Was Featured in a Japanese Museum

One exhibit that ran from 2006 to 2007 at the Ghibli Museum in Tokyo centered around the history and work of Aardman Animations. They told the entire history of the studio from start to finish through digital displays, video exhibits, and other forms of educational materials. There was also an entire section that talks about the films and how they are made.

They Support Young Animators

Animex is an international convention that recognizes the best and brightest young student animators and computer game programmers. In 2008, Aardman Animations announced the Aardman Award for Storytelling. This is available to anyone who creates an animation through either frame-by-frame or computer-assisted methods. The winner would receive a free trip to the central Bristol studio of Aardman Animations. This was also an excellent way to recruit the up-and-coming minds in the animation industry.

One of Their Most Famous Characters Was Almost Very Different

Wallace & Gromit is one of the most well-known duos from Aardman Animations. Wallace is an Englishman and Gromit is his loyal dog. However, in the earliest sketches (as announced at a 2017 exhibition) depicted Gromit as a cat instead. However, this was quickly changed as a dog was more believable as a loyal companion. Plus, they are easier to create using Claymation techniques.

They Made 12 Films Using Flipnote Studio

Flipnote Studio is a program created for exclusive use with the Nintendo DSi. When Aardman Animations and Nintendo collaborated, the studio put one of their rising stars — Tim Ruffle — in charge of creating 12 short animations with the program. They were simple and funny. Tim even had fun due to the simplicity and ease of use that did not preclude being jampacked with features. He also stated that this program would be great for beginners.

They Released Some Free Web Games

Over the course of their existence, Aardman Animations has released just a few free games on the web. Mostly released on Newgrounds, these hand-animated games are based on Chicken Run or Wallace & Gromit almost exclusively. One such game is called Home Sheep Home. This physics puzzle tasks the player with guiding sheep to an exit. The game has been praised for its intuitive systems, entertainment value, hand-sketched frames, and for providing a reasonable challenge.

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