Five “The Flash” Spinoff Ideas That Could Definitely Work

On a scale of one to ridiculous, narrowing down just five spinoffs we’d love to see from The Flash isn’t even on the chart. There are so many possibilities; it’s like looking into the multiverse. Just following the stories of a few other Wells would make a huge list, and all of them worthy of their own shows. Oddly the ability to contact other Earths in the Multiverse isn’t the only reason we had such a hard time choosing, but we managed to make it work. Here are our favorite five spinoff ideas that could work from The Flash.

1. Sherloque Wells

It’s hard not to love Sherloque, and we’re pretty sure all of his wives would say the same. The delightfully smug detective from Earth-221 is decidedly worthy of a spinoff. His love life alone would make for a worthy plotline. However, there’s so much more to his character than we’ve seen. Traveling through the multiverse, drawing outstanding pictures faster than anyone has a right to, and pulling the wool over anyone’s eyes in a flash are just a few of the reasons why we’d be thrilled to see more of him. In particular, we’d love to see more about the time he spent with Thaddeus Brown of Earth-51, where he learned the escape artist skills he uses so liberally. Some of the Doppelgangers are more compelling than others, so there was bound to be one or two on this list. Sherloque is an all-time favorite. It’s not just how much fun he is and how much we want more backstory from him, but also where we could see him ending up. More than just being part of the Arrowverse, Sherloque is part of the DC universe, which puts him in a prime position to meet and maybe even have a fling with the latest incarnation of Batman. That’s right; we want him to fight or date (or both) Batwoman. Stranger things have happened in comic-based series and movies, but that’s a topic for a different article.

2. Professor Eobard Thawne (Reverse Flash)

Maybe no one else is saying it, but we will; It’s about time to give the villains their own series! After all, we loved the Suicide Squad movie, and it’s not the first time we’ve rooted for the ‘bad guys.’ In fact, we could do a whole rant on why every villain in Gotham is pretty much Batman’s fault, but we won’t because scifistackexchange beat us to it. When do the baddies get to tell their stories? Eobard Thawn is a ruthless psychopath bent on rining The Flash, and that might make him a little hard to take if you’re a diehard fan of the protagonist. However, his backstory and the way he managed to crack the code for time travel are immersive and fascinating stuff. Much like the Batman conundrum, we have to wonder if Eobard would have worked so hard to become the enemy of The Flash if he hadn’t learned that it was his ‘destiny.’ The path to villainy is rarely straight. The twists of fate and permutations of life that brought him to his eventual end and total erasure from existence, especially the time he spent mentoring his nemesis, would be better if told from his perspective.

3. Hunter Zolomon

There’s probably no “Flash” quite as bizarre and unique as Hunter Zolomon from Earth-2. After his father murdered his mother, Zolomon ended up more than a little disturbed. Eventually, he grew up and became a serial killer. The story of a metahuman serial killer would be reason enough to make a whole series. Still, like all the fully fleshed out and brilliant characters in the Flash stories, Hunter is more than just a murderer with an all too apt name. In addition to his time as a not-yet-metahuman orphan psychopath and his time behind bars, there are other ‘eras’ of his life to explore in detail. The supervillain Zoom, aka Speed Demon, terrorized Central City. However, ultimately, he became his own demise when he engineered a velocity serum that worked a little too well. In addition to increased speed, it also made him very ill.  That’s when he took his killing spree on the road and started tearing through the multiverse. Killing anyone he wanted in every world, to try and find a cure was bound to go south. In a convoluted series of events, he also ended up kidnapping Jay Garrick and doing time as a hero speedster. He saved the city a few times and even had a statue built in his honor. Whether you love the true-to-the-comics Hunter or the TV version, he’s a fantastic and underrated villain and hero. We could go on about all the strange paths Hunter took for days, but the fact is his story, deserves it’s own space in the Arrowverse as much as any true hero.

4. Nora’s Story

Nora West-Allen (XS) didn’t survive as long as we’d hoped. Her roles as a saboteur, member of Team Flash, and Forensic Scientist with the police department put her in a prime position for a short-run spinoff, or at least a Nora miniseries. As a part of the Young Rogues, she’d be a perfect lead-in for a more extended series about that group as well. Good or evil, erased from time or not, we liked Nora and felt that her time on screen, like her life, was all too brief. There was a lot of ground to cover in her short tenure, and we’d like to see it revisited to do her justice. The fan theory that she may be Thawne’s daughter and not Barry’s has some merit, and we’d like it resolved once and for all as a canon part of the Arrowverse.

5. Billy Batson

We love comics, comic-based TV, and movies. However, there’s a question that has always bothered us. Who would win in a fight, Superman or Batman? We’ve known the answer all along, and it’s not what you think. You see, when someone asks the question, it’s typically because they believe either Superman or Batman is the most powerful and best hero who ever lived in the DC universe. However, that’s not the case at all. Enter, Shazam. This is one being who could probably take on Superman, Batman, every member of Team Flash, and more without really having to worry about losing the fight. Now that Eternium has come into the TV Arrowverse, there’s room to hope for a Shazam series. Nash Wells only mentioned it briefly in a single episode, but that’s enough to give us hope.

Final Thoughts

One of our favorite things about the era of TV and movies we’re living through right now is that we have both the technology and the motivation to bring comics like The Flash to life on screen. The days of nerdy kids camped out together in a treehouse sharing their guilty comic book obsession are gone. Now everyone can enjoy the Arrowverse (and many others as well) openly, in HD. The biggest problem with superheroes and comic villains these days is merely choosing which ones to bring to the screen next. Which Arrowverse/Flash character do you think deserves more time and a series of their own? Let us know in the comment section.

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