Five Reasons You Need to Be Watching Drunk History

Five Reasons You Need to Be Watching Drunk History

Five Reasons You Need to Be Watching Drunk History

History is loved by some folks and is a passion for others, but for many of us it’s a tedious recounting of the events that took place a long, long time ago and can be kind of dry in the retelling. But Drunk History, a show that started out as a web series but quickly became a show that Comedy Central thought was worth the effort of bringing on, is something that a lot of people can get behind. It not only takes factual tales from history concerning real people and events, it makes it fun in a way that only select history teachers ever bothered to make it in the past. Of course given that a teacher can’t legally be inebriated while teaching kids, this is a little better since it features narrators that are nice and sloshed while they’re recounting a bit of history that they’ve read about while sober and are now remembering, kind of, as they’re drunkenly telling of it.

It’s a good bit of fun and a good way to inspire people to actually look at history from a different perspective. Here are a few reasons why you should give it a chance.

5. It’s seriously funny to watch someone try to give a history lesson while drunk.

In all honesty it’s funny to watch someone just try to concentrate on anything when they’re drunk, but since they’re being told to retell a tale from history it’s even better since the narrative is downright hilarious. While most of the story is told in a very understandable manner there are some moments when the narrator might seem to nod off for a bit or possibly get lost. This usually translates in the re-enactment as the characters being uncertain what to say, do, or where to go. All in all it’s a show that is made for pure entertainment but also to deliver a healthy dose of history to the viewer.

4. The creator does drink with the narrators for a little bit.

This isn’t the kind of show where they’re just getting one person soused thankfully, as the creator does sit down with them to have a few drinks. But eventually the creator of the show will do the old switcheroo and start drinking iced tea instead to stay somewhat clear as the narrator continues forward with their story. Thankfully this isn’t a big deal since the narrator keeps going and the creator gets to monitor the story, prodding it along as they go and making sure to keep the narrator on point as much as possible. It’s almost like designated driving for drunk storytellers, actually that’s just what it is.

3. The actual history is pretty accurate.

They’re not exactly recreating history on this show which is nice, but they’re taking it in a very interesting direction as roughly 90 percent or more of the stories are historically accurate, while the rest of the material is either made up for the fun of the show or just for the heck of it. This is after all a history show no matter that it’s about comedy as well. People might stop watching if they decided to do a satire that was entirely bent on making up history as they went. It might be quite funny, but at the same time it wouldn’t be quite the same as the realistic lean of the historical aspects makes it a little more interesting.

2. The storytellers make it fun.

By now in our lives a lot of us have heard drunk people talking and we know very well that it’s not always coherent or grammatically correct. That’s another thing about this show that’s so great, the narrators will be speaking in a conversational tone the entire time, which means to say that they’ll sound less like a professor giving a lecture than they will a person at the bar thinking that their fellow patrons needed a history lesson. That in itself is a big part of the comedy as listening to someone ramble on and on about historical facts and adding in this or that is actually hilarious.

1. It makes you actually want to learn about history.

It’s hard to deny this one since there are a lot of stories out there that history has to tell, and a lot of them are possibly close to what you might hear on the show. But the desire to learn about the actual happenings that are narrated is something that many people might admit to after watching the show, if only because they want to know how events turned out without having to sift and sort through a drunken rambling. It’s entertainment for certain, but it could also have a much greater purpose than was intended.

If nothing else it’s a funny show and one that seems capable of lasting so long as there are stories to tell.

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