Five Painfully Awkward Celebrity Interviews on Foreign Talk Shows

Five Painfully Awkward Celebrity Interviews on Foreign Talk Shows

Five Painfully Awkward Celebrity Interviews on Foreign Talk Shows

Despite being largely scripted a lot of talk shows just tend to go with the flow. The only issue with this is that sometimes the flow doesn’t go where the host wants it to. The celebrity being interviewed can get distracted, they might have an agenda, or they might just be a little out of it that night. In any case, the idea that talk shows can get a little crazy is understandable, but sometimes they seem to get just downright creepy as well as awkward.

Here are five awkward celebrity interviews on foreign talk shows

5. Daniel Radcliffe’s Japanese talk show prank

It’s great when, as a fan, you get to meet your favorite stars and walk through the sets they use. But in this case the show that set this thing up made it a little strange. First the fan was flown to the actual Hogwarts set used for the Harry Potter series, and then she was told that the stars, Harry, Hermione, and Ron would not be there. Then, as she tours the set, the actors suddenly show up and instead of being able to just be excited and overwhelmed she starts to touch their faces and remain absolutely silent. Some fans are obviously easy to shock into silence, but this is a little creepy.

4. Pierce Brosnan tossing olives on a Russian talk show

Five Painfully Awkward Celebrity Interviews on Foreign Talk Shows

It’s about what you might expect from someone that has played the role of James Bond for so long. Taking two things that Bond knew so well, martini olives and beautiful women to be objectified, Brosnan is invited to toss olives at the women’s cleavage until he finally lands one right on target. When he goes to inspect his shot however the host pulls him back, which is odd considering that it was the host that devised this little game.

3. Jean Claude Van Damme gets a little excited on a Brazilian talk show.

Five Painfully Awkward Celebrity Interviews on Foreign Talk Shows

You might like him or hate him but there’s no doubt that Van Damme is kind of a jerk sometimes. In this clip he not only does horrible impressions of other actors, but he gets a little too excited after all the dancing and kicking and swaying of hips. He might be a well-known action star, but as a human being he’s a little offbeat at times.

2. Harry Connick Jr. judges an Australian black face competition.

Different cultures look at things in different ways, but kudos to Connick Jr. for taking a stance on this one. It would be painfully awkward in the states, not to mention riot-inducing, to see white men wearing black face for a competition of any kind. The mere fact that he stayed in the studio to speak his mind speaks volumes about the star, but the fact that he gave a very unapologetic 0 to the group on this show says even more.

1. Nicholas Cage on a British talk show.

It seems that Nicholas Cage has mellowed out a bit in his later years. This clip was obviously taken when he was younger and in much better shape, as at this time it’s safe to think that he might actually hurt himself trying to do half of the things he’s seen doing. He might have been extra pumped for this show or jazzed up on something that the clip doesn’t show, but needless to say his behavior was more than a little off the wall.


Some interviews are hard to watch, while others are just so awkward that many people feel the need to actually turn them off. In truth, a few of those listed above were just too much to believe it really happened.


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