Five Movies You Totally Forgot Woody Harrelson Was in

Woody Harrelson has become one of those actors you either totally love or forget about from time to time. With that said it seems like a safe bet that some people have actually forgotten his role in a few movies that he’s been in over the years. It’s not so much of an insult to his acting, but more or less the idea that he’s done so much that some of his lesser or older roles just haven’t really been able to stick in the public consciousness. He’s a great actor, but he’s done some questionable parts that he might have been better off leaving alone.

A lot of great actors have done this.

5. Wildcats

It’s hard to equate Harrelson with this character as of now since he appears so young in his film debut. This wasn’t exactly the film that made him who he was but it was something special all the same as it showed the grit and spirit of a woman that was trying to take on a great deal of stress in her life. She wanted the chance to show that she could coach high school football and she got it.

4. After the Sunset

This is what happens when a suspended FBI agent gets obsessed with a criminal that he failed to catch and a diamond that would change a lot of things in either man’s life. Throughout the film it’s hard to know at times just who’s supposed to be fooling who, but by the end it’s pretty obviously that Stanley has been setting himself up for his own comeuppance the entire time.

3. Doc Hollywood

Hank isn’t exactly a straight up bumpkin but he is a gentleman at least. When the doctor attempts to goad him into a fight he simply asks him what he’s doing and starts to explain the rules of the south when it comes to men and women courting. Hank’s not a bad guy but he definitely comes through in the end as one of the better characters in the story, having finally decided that he has a course he can follow.

2. Anger Management

Gary/Galaxia is a disturbing character at first in this film but funny all the same. When he shows up again near the end he becomes the guy that is able to give Dave the moment he needs to go and tell his girlfriend just what needs to in order to finally get over his fears and be the man she really wants. He might not be a lady, but he’s certainly a charmer in this one.

1. Money Train

Money Train didn’t do much at the box office but overall it was a pleasant enough film since it brought Woody and Wesley back together again. In fact many people didn’t even realize that they’d starred in a movie together in the past, and that it had been the first film for both of them. But this scene was great since the two of them always argued over who was going to hit the guy. This time they finally agreed and it was awesome.

He’s a great star, but some of his roles kind of slid by without a whole lot of notice.

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