Five Movies That Spoil the Plot at the Very Beginning

The Thing

There are some folks that are convinced that the plot of a movie can’t be spoiled and that it’s just a trick to get people interested and sell more tickets. Others believe that revealing too many spoilers can absolutely ruin a movie and make the cinematic experience less appealing since all the ‘good’ parts have already been shown to the audience. The truth of it is that some movies can get away with showing various images in the beginning and not spoil the entire thing, while some might go for a little too much gusto and end up giving away important plot points right away. After the latter happens it’s kind of hard to come back and really thrill or surprise the audience since they’ve likely guessed just what the big deal when it comes to the main plot. It’s a balance that has to be struck by the director and carried on by the cast and crew as they attempt to keep a movie balanced in order to keep the audience happy. Now and again though there are movies that give away the plot in the beginning and can still get away with it, and these are some of the most well-liked movies in all of pop culture.

Here are a few movies that managed to spoil the plot in the beginning.

5. The Thing

The Kurt Russell-led movie gives a lot of visuals away in the opening of the movie since the moment that the two men visit the interior of the ruined base they find a great number of things that are insanely disturbing and lead the audience to think that something truly messed-up happened there. Plus, the strange creature that was discovered, burned, melted, and beyond horrific in appearance made it clear that whatever had happened wasn’t normal. There was also the guy in the chair with his throat and wrists slashed, which isn’t something that a lot of people tend to do unless all hope is gone. Foreshadowing just a bit?

4. Predator

It might have been cool for some folks, but the idea of showing the spaceship at the beginning of the movie kind of shook up the movie from the start since one has to think that someone would eventually stumble upon the predator’s craft in the jungle unless it was cloaked too. But thinking that this was some angry spirit or forest demon would have been preferable to finding out from the start that it was a space alien intent on hunting humans. This would have given the creature a bit more mystique since it might have impressed the critics a lot more than it did at the time. But hey, fans loved it anyway.

3. The Sixth Sense

As far as learning that the main actor was a ghost, it should have been insanely obvious at many points in the movie, but much like the movie The Prestige, we wanted to be fooled into thinking that Bruce Willis’ character was still alive and just having marital problems. But the manner in which he showed up, the fear and uncertainty that Cole showed him initially, and the way his wife treated him, all of these were signs that were right in front of us. Unfortunately, people want to think that they have a good handle on things and were dismissive of the fact that he might actually be dead and unwilling to move on.

2. The World’s End

The fact that Gary King was such a pain in the backside even as a young kid should have been a big hint that this movie was going to feature Simon Pegg as a man with a serious problem. He thought that his life as a young man was great, but his friends were more than ready to leave their hometown since they hated it. But in Gary King’s estimation, everything kind of peaked when they were still teenagers, and for him, that’s when life kind of hit a stopping point, while the others attempted to do something with their lives no matter how it all turned out. It’s funny what people remember when they refuse to grow up.

1. Fallen

The simple narration given by Denzel Washington was enough to understand that the fight between him and the main antagonist wasn’t going to end right then and there, that we were in for a story of how a fallen angel, a demon, ALMOST died. Trying to kill something that can possess pretty much anything living that it can reach is kind of difficult, especially when the creature has been around for so long that it’s exceedingly strong when trying to possess someone. It wasn’t a bad movie really, but it did stretch the realism it was working with to a serious limit.

Sometimes spoilers aren’t a bad thing, but sometimes they’re kind of a bummer.

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