Five Movie Trailers That Pretty Much Spoiled The Whole Thing

Five Movie Trailers That Pretty Much Spoiled The Whole Thing

Some movies look absolutely awesome, until you go see them and discover that the trailer pretty much spoiled the whole thing before you got to it. Everything great was in the trailer and the rest of the movie is mediocre to okay sometimes, and that’s a major letdown since you pay the price of a ticket and expect to be entertained only to realize that you’ve basically paid to see a lot of filler material and a few minutes of real action. Or the trailer gives away the whole plot of the movie and everything left over is extended dialogue that makes sense only to those that have read every line of the comics and novels and know every intricate detail that’s NOT in the movie. In any case, movie trailers can sometimes really ruin the experience before it’s ever had.

Here are just a few that are guilty of that cinema sin.

5. Terminator: Salvation

The Terminator franchise had already entered a free fall at this point and wasn’t looking good. The effects in the movie looked great, the story wasn’t horrible but needed a little work, and the actors were at least recognizable. But the one big mistake they made was in the trailer when they for some odd and unknown reason reveal that Sam Worthington is in fact a cyborg. What were they thinking?

4. Oblivion

To be perfectly honest this movie would have been better off if they had left the strangeness of it alone and left the part about Jack being a clone out of the trailer altogether. What’s wrong a bit of mystery? Everything after that was a glorified chase by those spherical robot drones and a thrilling firefight that took them through a winding canyon. The rest was just kind of meh.

3. The Amazing Spider-man 2

Almost everyone that’s read Spider-man’s story from front to back knew that Gwen Stacy was going to die eventually, but the trailer JUST HAD to foreshadow it for some reason and give it away. That’s perhaps one of the dumbest things they could have ever done for this movie, and that’s saying something really since they did a lot of dumb things, like the Rhino suit.

2. Terminator 2: Judgment Day


Why can’t big reveals be left alone until people go to see the movie?  I mean yes folks might have guessed that the old terminator could be on John Connor’s side now, but did they really need to know that he was John’s protector that quickly? I mean at that point you can guess that somehow and some way the old terminator would kill the new one and John would survive. Why bother spending the money?

1. Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice

Oy, where to begin? The teaser trailer that was first released should have been all that was given out of this film if people really wanted to be shocked and surprised. Apart from that they gave away most of the film by showing what they did. Why in the world do movies want to show so much in the trailer? People will come if they give just a snippet here and there, not half of a scene.

Regardless, a lot of us still go to see the movies that give too much away.

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