Five of the Most Memorable Attic Scenes in Movies

Five of the Most Memorable Attic Scenes in Movies

Five of the Most Memorable Attic Scenes in Movies

Attic scenes in movies can be creepy or they can be charming, or even amusing. The point of them is that there’s something up there worth looking at, even if it’s inherently horrifying and might very well be the end of you. In comedies, dramas, or horror movies the attic tends to be the space in the house that you don’t visit that often and don’t always think about. Plus, it’s one of the places in the home where things tend to get lost or misplaced. In short, it’s the store-all for all sorts of things that you might want to just put away and then think about later.

Here are just a few attic scenes from movies that are among the most memorable.


Something about following up on a host of gruesome murders seems to appeal to some people. But following up on them when strange things start to happen seems a little foolish. Also, if you start hearing noises from your attic it really shouldn’t be taken as an invitation to poke your head up there and see what’s going on. And lastly, if you see a bunch of ghostly children watching the murder of a family on a film reel, just get out. Don’t hesitate, pack up your family, get out, and don’t look back. But then again, that wouldn’t make much of a movie would it?

The Birds

Imagine if some of nature’s most docile creatures suddenly got it in their heads to flock together and create a massive disturbance that could kill and maim untold numbers of people? You don’t really understand just how dangerous a bird could be until they’re trying to peck out your eyes and beat you down with sheer numbers.

Christmas Vacation

On the lighter side, attics can also bring back a lot of memories when you go rooting around and find things you’d forgotten about for so long. Just make certain that you step on the right spot so that you’re not making more work for yourself than you intended. And oh yeah, don’t sit on the opening, that’s a nasty fall waiting to happen.

Dennis the Menace

Poor Mr. Wilson. Dennis means well but he’s a boy that just seems drawn to trouble and mischief. Anything that catches his attention is bound to become something that the average person is advised to stay well away from. Having a canoe landing almost point first on your most sensitive spot could possibly be sign that this kid doesn’t need to be in a place where mischief is always in reach.

The Goonies

It’s classic to think that a treasure map would be tucked away in an attic somewhere. It’s also awesome to think that the key to riches beyond belief could be thought of as something so mundane that it’s been done before. Seriously, does anyone else remember the wonder that existed as a kid when you found something that you thought could be extremely valuable?

Attics can be horrifying or they can be magical in many ways. The one difference between any of them is the setting and how it affects the mood of the audience.

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