Five Marvel Characters Giancarlo Esposito Would be Perfect For

Let’s say this first and foremost, Giancarlo Esposito is getting a little old at this point, chronologically-speaking anyway. Playing the part of a hero or a villain is still possible, but he won’t be donning a skin-tight outfit and jumping into battle most likely unless he was allowed to take on the role of a controller, a character that relied more on manipulation than a full-on slugfest with another individual. Should that be the case then it would narrow down the possibilities that might be available in the MCU, but there are still a lot of options that might be feasible, with a couple that might be perfect. Giancarlo is usually best being the kind of character that’s in charge, that runs things, and is more or less the authority within his sphere of influence, as he has a very commanding nature and a serious look to him that indicates that he’s not the type of person to mess around with. From Breaking Bad to The Mandalorian and everything before and in between he’s been at his best when his character is in control and has authority over others, as this gives him a very interesting look and the type of feel that only the most devious of villains tend to have.

Just to point that out, here are a few MCU characters that Giancarlo might be able to portray.

5. Magneto

Barring the fact that his skin color is different, this type of role would be great since Magneto isn’t really the type to get in the middle of a slugfest and throw down with the other villains. He’s almost always been more effective from a distance and has such an impressive range that he doesn’t really need to be within striking distance to cause massive amounts of damage to his enemies. Plus, with the trauma he went through as a child, Magneto is the kind of character that could have either been a maniacal warlord or a quiet and reserved, but scary, individual that chose to become a cultured and educated person that is usually scariest when he’s quiet.

4. Professor Xavier

Again, his skin tone might manage to confuse a lot of people since a lot of these characters have been predominantly white throughout the years, but it would cause less confusion with Professor X than with Magneto since the latter was a victim of the concentration camps in WWII, though if a person read their history they might stop and realize that this could happen. With the professor though, this would give Giancarlo another chance at being a controller, a leader, not someone that gets down in the trenches and follows the commands of another person. That role just doesn’t appear to be something that he would do as well with.

3. Mephisto

Think of Gus Fring on a supernatural and possibly cosmic scale since Mephisto is by far and large a big player in the Marvel universe and it would be great to see him back and in action. This would be kind of interesting since Mephisto is a very self-serving individual that is typically quite evil but has gone against his own nature at times when it suits him. It’s also the type of role that is based on trickery, deceit, and various other activities that could possibly bring to life the worst parts of an actor since he is a vile character that is out to get what he wants and ruin the lives of others on occasion.

2. Doctor Doom

Doom is more of a combatant than the others, but he’s also great at manipulation and does tend to stay out of the fight quite often unless he feels the need to step in. Plus, the number of Doombots he creates are more than capable of taking on his enemies and his other skills allow him to keep from getting roughed up too often. In terms of power, Doom is one of those that might need to be portrayed by someone that knows how to act as if they can control the arcane and technological wonders that Doom is capable of, and Giancarlo would be a great candidate for this kind of a role.

1. Galactus

You might think that Giancarlo isn’t really the guy to take on the devourer of worlds as a character, but keep in mind that when the Silver Surfer was put on the big screen he had a different actor voicing the dialogue. Why not do the same with Giancarlo voicing the dialogue of the planet-devouring force? He could be enhanced with CGI as well and allowed to play the character, and it would likely come out far better than it would if a bigger person were used. It’s a suggestion and one that makes sense considering that his voice, if slightly altered, could be downright intense.

What character do you think he should play?

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