Five Life Lessons TBS Show “Search Party” Teaches Us

The TBS television network show “Search Party” offers viewers an unusual form of entertainment into a world of dark humor. It’s not the kind of thing that everyone can come to call a favorite, but for those who like to mix horror, mystery and suspense with a sick dose of comedy, it’s just the ticket. You either love the series or hate it and if you’re a fan, you get the value on some deep and instinctual level. For those of us who feel compelled to follow each episode, here are five lessons that the show teaches us.

When you’re on a downhill roll you have to get tougher

The show teaches us that life can go terribly wrong and you can’t always stop it. Elliot, for example is living with a plethora of physical ills and although these are bad, they’re nothing compared to his psychological issues. All in all, he’s still got a book to write and only he can pull himself up by the bootstraps and make it happen. When everything goes to hell, you can give up or just keep going. It’s better to power through it and occupy your mind with something different when there’s nothing else you can do.

Murphy’s law is not to be disregarded

It’s nice when you can adopt a positive attitude and look at the bright side of things. When you expect bad things to happen, it seems like they will. When you hope for the best, bad things can still happen and the trajectory can take you into dark places. Portia could be excited about the fact that she’s been cast in a new play, but it’s too bad that it’s about the LaBianca murders. She’s just trying to get by in life, but it seems that there’s a nasty taint, even in the things that are on the more positive side.

You need to choose your friends wisely – or pay the consequences

Anyone who has been watching the show knows that Dory has been the reason for everyone’s spiral into the nightmare that they now find themselves in. She’s a dark one and it just keeps getting darker. She’s not even careful about doing her evil deeds. Can anyone explain why she doesn’t think it’s a good idea to wear gloves? Leaving fingerprints is a bit incriminating, but she’s gotten away with her misdeeds so far. Poor Keith, his biggest mistake was falling in love with her and what did he get for it? Dead! Dory is cool with burying him in the woods and covering up the murder committed by her boyfriend Drew. She’s a cold hearted cheater for sure and not someone you’d want to bring home to mother.

Selfish actions can have far-reaching consequences

When Chantal disappeared, it resulted in a lot of people searching for her to either find her body or locate her alive. Nobody knew if she was alive or dead and she didn’t seem to care. “Search Party” is about Dory and her pals looking for Chantal. Their inquiries turned up Chantal’s location and as it turned out, she was actually throwing a fit, like a spoiled brat and fled to a place where she could live in a mansion without paying for it. She didn’t care that everyone else was worried sick. Chantal doesn’t have a single regret and it seems that she is the type of person that doesn’t learn by her mistakes because she’s too self-centered to believe that she could ever do anything wrong to begin with.

Guilt by association is a real thing

We learn from Portia that being unaware of what’s happening right under your nose isn’t always a blessing. She doesn’t even know that there is a body until she becomes aware of the fact that her friends are getting ready to bury a body in the woods. Now she’s a part of the whole mess that Dory and Drew are responsible for. When you hang out with the wrong people, they can pull you into their evil and you are guilty by association without lifting a finger to commit a crime. Do you tell or do you cover it up? Life can get complicated fast.

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