Five Great Movie Scenes that Take Place on Bourbon Street in New Orleans

Five Great Movie Scenes that Take Place on Bourbon Street in New Orleans

New Orleans, the Big Easy, is a famous town for many reasons, not the least of which is Mardi Gras. The famed Bourbon Street is a venue that many upon many people flock to each year, and one which Hurricane Katrina nearly decimated in 2005. The ruin that was left behind flood up to 80 percent of New Orleans and left lingering flood waters for weeks on end. 12 years later the city is still standing, still proud, and has been the scene for many movies both before and after the hurricane in an attempt to rebuild and show people that it takes more than an act of nature to pull down what the shared culture of so many has allowed to erect.

Here are a few movies in which the famed Bourbon Street has made at least a token appearance.

5. X-Men Origins: Wolverine


Finding the exact clip of the moment that any of these movies visit the famed street is tough, but the truth of it is that Bourbon Street shows up in them for at least a few minutes throughout the film and isn’t entirely ignored. In this film the famed X-Man Wolverine, before he’s ever affiliated with his former group, goes searching for an escaped mutant named Gambit to enlist his help in finding their shared tormentors. Unfortunately Gambit’s reception is less than a warm one.

4. Hard Target


I know the title says great movie scenes, but in all honesty JCVD was great in his time and was fun to watch despite the fact that the dialogue in his movies was horrible. He still gets the great tag however since the action was pretty cool and didn’t make the audience think all that much. Plus the idea of being hunted throughout the city of New Orleans seems like a daring plot for a movie.

3. Double Jeopardy

Don’t ever take a mother’s child away from her. And especially don’t do it by sending her away for a murder that she didn’t commit and didn’t actually happen. There are easier ways to go about disappearing after all and framing your wife for your murder just because you fell for one of her friends and coworkers isn’t exactly the right thing to do, it’s not even the smart thing to do.

2. Runaway Jury

Few people ever actually like jury duty, but for Nicholas Easter it was almost like Christmas come early. The funny thing about this film is that while it’s based on the book the subject matter is so much different since the book had to do with a cigarette company being sued, while in the movie it’s a gun company that’s being sued for negligence.  Strange how the subject changes when it’s a touchy matter that no one wants to talk about.

1. Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh

When you’re in a universe where creepy guys with a bloody hook for a hand and impossible strength can just pop out of nowhere and skewer whoever is standing in front of him you might want to listen to what people say about his legend. Like, say, don’t speak his name so many times into a mirror or you might dial him up and let the mayhem begin. If enough people believe in a legend it might be time to actually put stock in it.

Keep in mind that finding the clip of Bourbon Street in all these movies wasn’t entirely possible, but from having watched them I know those scenes are in there.

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