Five of Our Favorite “Barbershop Quartet” Scenes in Movies

Five of Our Favorite “Barbershop Quartet” Scenes in Movies

Barbershop quartet scenes in movies don’t happen all that often but to be honest they do happen a lot in TV. Thankfully though the acapella performance of many a group has been captured on film for generations to see in a way that’s still touching and quite amusing at times. If you think it’s easy to sing this way without an accompanying beat or instrument you should really try it and see just how much skill is actually involved. It’s impressive to be honest that these groups tend to go on without any music but their own voices.

That takes some guts.

5. Sing

The turtles that form their quartet in this movie have no way in heck of getting in unless the rest of the contestants were to suddenly quit, but they do manage to harmonize and sound pretty good for the few seconds they’re on. Unfortunately Moon was looking for something a little more dynamic and up to date. While quartets sound awesome really it’s not the most modern and up to date act in the world.

4. Trading Places

There are two reactions to this that a lot of people have gone through while watching it, well actually maybe three. There’s the cringe that comes from white guys thinking they’re all that when they start crooning out a ridiculous batch of lyrics that are amusing only to those who have the same sense of humor. There’s the laughter that’s basically mocking and in no way an attempt to laugh ‘with’ them, and then there’s the blank stare that seems to ask just why this ever happened in the first place.

3. Step Brothers

Oh the kind of father that would subject his family to this, it’s just unimaginable. Either the kids are having a good time or they’ve yet to really lose their ability to smile and fake it like their mother has. Quartets can be fun to perform in but when you have to force your family to get into it then the fun kind of goes out the window at the speed of light. It’s only fun when someone really enjoys doing it.

2. The Music Man

The Music Man is a classic story about a con man that plans to skip town the moment he has the money that’s supposed to be going to the band that he’s convinced the town to fund. A few of the townsfolk suspect his motives but when he starts to fall for a local woman his plans begin to change and he realizes that he con might not be as simple as he thought.

1. Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy

Somehow this movie managed to get rave reviews, as enough people liked it that it even got a sequel that didn’t really go anywhere. But this scene was something that went from funny to awkward to slightly funny to awkward yet again. That’s kind of odd really considering the amount of talent in the room, but really when Will Ferrell leads a film this tend to happen.

Sky rockets in flight, afternoon delight….

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