Five Dramatic Actors We’d Like to See Do More Comedic Roles

You wouldn’t think that an actor that normally does dramatic or action roles could take on a comedy role and make it work, but it does happen quite often and it’s usually rather hilarious, to be honest. But then, it kind of depends on the actor and their frame of mind at the time, and whether or not they can turn the corner so to speak, and just let things go in order to make it funny. Some people can do this without much effort, while others kind of have to work into it over time to really make it happen. However it goes, dramatic actors are capable of turning a scene into a joke or taking on a role that will allow them to appear as natural-born comedians overnight. The thing is, some dramatic actors have gone back and forth between comedy and drama for years and have made it look exceedingly easy, while some still amaze people when it comes to what they can do with a single role. Overall it is interesting to see how a dramatic actor can take on a funny role and nail it so well that one might think that they missed their calling.

Here are a few dramatic actors that people would love to see in more comedic roles.

5. Tom Cruise

Even Jerry Maguire had a bit of comedy in it, to be honest, but Cruise’s turn as Les Grossman in Tropic Thunder really hit the nail on the head in this manner since there were quite a few people that didn’t realize this was Cruise in the first place. He’s been so wrapped up in action and drama roles over the years that seeing him in a funny movie and in a role such as the one he took on is nothing short of amazing considering that his appearance was altered to turn him into someone else completely. Seeing Cruise in more comedies might be kind of nice if he would consent to this, but so far he’s still sticking to action and drama.

4. Ralph Fiennes

The guy that played Voldemort and also Francis Dolarhyde in Red Dragon is someone that a lot of people might not feel is up to starring in a comedy in any capacity unless he’s going to be a villain. But surprise, surprise, Ralph is actually fully capable of turning around and being the humorous type as he’s shown in movies such as The Grand Budapest Hotel. His style of acting usually makes him appear a bit severe and way too serious, but when he loosens up and allows himself to have fun with a role, which he does quite often it would appear, he can appear charming and kind of goofy as well, which is actually kind of nice.

3. Tom Hanks

There are a few actors that can slide up and down the spectrum when it comes to movie genres, and Tom Hanks is one of those that appears to have mastered such an act. The guy can be entirely serious in one role and break out his funny side in the next moment as he’s shown over the years. The movie Big is one good example since he gets to act like an adult with the mind of a kid, while movies such as Sully and many others show that he’s fully capable of bearing down and being completely serious. It’s great since he tends to mix comedy and drama quite often, as movies such as The Terminal prove.

2. Morgan Freeman

Just listening to Morgan Freeman’s voice is as relaxing as it can be, but watching him act is pretty funny and definitely worthwhile since he has drama and comedy running concurrently through his acting veins and he can use both of them to great extent. His time in movies such as Seven, Kiss the Girls, and many others show that he’s an expert in dramatic acting, but the roles he took on in Bruce Almighty and many other movies also show that he knows how to loosen up and have a good time. A lot of people would claim that there’s not a lot this man can’t do when it comes to acting and they’d be right.

1. Kevin Costner

Throughout a lot of his time in the business, Kevin Costner has played the everyman role and the reluctant hero since that appears to be what he’s best at. If there’s a conflict his characters usually try to avoid it as long as they can, but when they’re pushed they stand up and do something about it. But his time in Bull Durham, which is another great example of a reluctant protagonist, shows that he has what it takes to be funny as well since Crash Davis might have been kind of a hardass, but he knew how to have fun.

Sometimes it’s important to be serious, and other times it’s okay to just have fun.

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