The Five Best Vampire TV Shows of All-Time

There is something so alluring about the story of the vampire that it’s spread across film and TV alike in a way that was hardly anticipated long ago. The love of this horror story however has undertaken many different twists and turns throughout the years and one of the most popular has been the romanticized version of the tale that seems to imply that as violent as they can be, vampires are still highly sexual creatures that charm others with their looks and their wiles. But then there are those shows that manage to show the ultimately violent and cruel, unforgiving side of vampirism that is a great deal closer the reality of what they are. Beneath the good looks, charm, and overall glamour of the title, vampires are for the most part monsters that look for one thing and one thing only, their own survival.

It’s still fun to watch on TV though. Here are some of the most-watched and thus most popular shows to come along.

5. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

This one is kind of a gimme since it was a cult classic as a movie and the TV show only made the fans go even crazier for it. Sarah Michelle Gellar turned up the heat on this show and the additional actors that made their way into the picture just helped to make it something special that a lot of people locked onto. Despite the fact that the movie was a bit campy and not nearly as serious as the show, the TV series made Buffy into a respectable figure that many people could relate to and at the same time idolize in many ways. Plus the addition of more characters that had special abilities and made Buffy’s life a little harder was something that was fully enjoyed too.

4. The Originals

So here’s the deal with claiming originality in a horror show. There will always be those that are seen as ‘original’ and ‘the first of their kind’. It’s not a new development in monsters movies any more than it is in any other genre. But it’s easy to give this show some credit as they manage to take the style of the town of New Orleans and infuse the vampires and their dealings with witches and create something that’s rather enticing. Thinking about how easy it might be for hybrids to take over The Big Easy without anyone knowing is kind of creepy really, but it’s also fitting for the town and its long history.

3. The Strain

Here’s where we get into the true aspect of vampirism. This show is lauded as a vampire epic even if it’s really more like a type of outbreak show since the vampire virus, or whatever you want to call it, is transferred in a very strange way. Honestly it’s a creepy show designed to make people jump out of their seat and it does include a few notable names and faces that give it a little more credence when it comes to contending against other, similar shows. If you recall the Reavers from the second Blade movie this show might remind you of them just a bit, not entirely but enough to make the correlation.

2. The Vampire Diaries

This is where the love aspect of the vampire stories comes in since the two brothers that are so pivotal to this story both love the same woman and are bound to protect her and their town against any unwanted invaders that seek to harm them or their love interest. It’s a rather touchy-feely kind of show that makes the vampires into heroes in a way but still allows them to retain their dark status as creatures of the night. For some this is kind of a wishy-washy idea that takes away from the ideal of the true vampire, but for others it’s the continuation of a trend that has been ongoing for years.

1. True Blood

And this show is where it gets complicated because vampires are known to humanity and are both feared and accepted ever since the development of synthetic blood that has allowed them to come forth and be recognized. Unfortunately it doesn’t destroy the fear and hatred that humans still have for vampires, though it does cause a serious divide between and within the species. Some vampires want to live among humans, others just want to use them as prey. Some humans want to accept vampires while others just want to keep them away or kill them outright. It’s a mess and in truth it’s kind of like a reflection of the real world, just with monsters and magical creatures.

It’s kind of obvious that vampire shows will never go out of style and there will always be those that are gory, action-packed and in your face, and there will always be those that are more concerned about the romantic and dangerous allure of a night stalker.

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