Five African American Actors That Should Play Batman

Five African American Actors That Should Play Batman

Five African American Actors That Should Play Batman

Shaking up character roles seems to be the order of the day right now, as well it should be. With Michael B. Jordan taking on the role of Johnny Storm in the ill-receive Fantastic Four and Idris Elba assuming the epic role of Roland Deschain it seems as though we’re entering an era in which written roles are no longer clinging to one race or another. It’s refreshing to be certain, as it means that we could actually see actors that are suited for parts that have in the past been denied to them due to tradition and the idea that character roles have been suited only to those that fit the physical descriptions to a tee. Whether they are black, white, or any other color or race, actors that can fit the roles need to be given a chance to show what they can do.

With that said, here are five African-American men that could easily perform the role of Batman.

Chadwick Boseman

He’s already playing the upcoming Black Panther and has revolutionized the role in Captain America: Civil War. His acting is on par and he’s shown what he can do on screen so far as action. It would be a logical next step for Chadwick to assume a role that could stretch his acting talents just a little further by taking on a role that is somewhat different than what he’s used to. After all, Bruce Wayne is the playboy by day and dark, brooding hero by night.

Michael Jai White

He’s definitely got the action part down. The only issue with White is that his acting isn’t always on par with his roles. He seems just a little stiff at times, as though he’s trying to fit himself into his lines rather than let them flow. As the Batman he could be one of the hardest-hitting crime fighters ever, but as Bruce Wayne he might need some help slipping into the persona.

Djimon Hounsou

Have you ever seen this guy smile? When he does it lights up the room. As Batman he might need a little work, but as Bruce Wayne he could quite possibly be a lot of fun. He can also go dead serious in a split second, which would help him with the Wayne to Batman transition. Hounsou could make the part interesting for certain.

Michael B. Jordan

He has the playboy attitude that is needed and with just the right amount of adjustment could go dark as is needed for the Batman persona. His acting is great and his physique, just like the others on this list, is par for the course for the character. The only issue thus far with Jordan is that he needs to be able to go just a little darker for the hero role, as he’s known for being a little more upbeat than Batman is normally seen to be.

Idris Elba

Right now he is the man to call for a project when you need someone serious and well-heeled in his craft. He’s serious enough and able to kick some serious tail when needed. As the Batman he’d be great, but given that he’s a little older than some of the others the story arc might need to evolve into something showing how Batman is getting older and will eventually need to train a protege. Elba could pull it off, but it wouldn’t be the young, energetic Batman of years past.

With the idea that the world of superheroes needs to be shaken up, a young black woman is taking over for Iron Man after all, this lends the thought that some superheroes could be seen very differently in the years to come. It’s about time for a change.

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