Five Actors Who Should Play Kamala Harris

Five Actors Who Should Play Kamala Harris

It really depends on who you talk to when it comes down to whether Kamala Harris should be the next president of the United States, but she is, as of now, in the running and will be making her voice heard. That typically means that we’re going to see some representation of her in the movies, be it on TV or on the big screen, and it seems that whoever gets picked should probably be someone that at least bears a close resemblance, close enough that minimal makeup would be needed to complete the look. As far as political ideals go, many would argue that a lot of Hollywood is more liberal-leaning than anything, but in the interest of not over-generalizing it might be better to simply find someone that can accept and play the role without any indication of which way they lean, as entertainment is already too rife with politics at times. Even in a movie that deals with politics as a part of its premise the entertainment factor still needs to rise above the political voice, otherwise there’s really no point and it might as well be a documentary.

Here are a few individuals that might be able to play the role of Kamala Harris.

5. Kerry Washington

She might have to be aged up a little since quite honestly Kerry still looks young despite the fact that she’s in her 40s at this point. Her place on this list is largely coincidental since every woman on this list has accomplished a great deal in their career and has proven that they have what it takes to perform and own a role. Kerry has done quite a few things in her time and has shown that she can play the meek woman and the strong-willed female that isn’t about to take any guff from anyone. That being said it seems that she would be the type that would take on this role and need little to no real coaching to get it done.

4. Taraji P. Henson

Taraji’s career is experiencing a huge upswing at this moment and despite the fact that What Men Want didn’t seem to be the giant hit that some might thought it be her personality has come out in a big way. She’s another woman that has performed a wide array of acts that range from being the cold-blooded killer to the meek but big-hearted individual that accepts everyone and simply wants to be loved in return. The fact that she’s had such a meteoric rise is something that indicates that she would be great for this role since not only is she getting more popular by the year, but she is without a doubt a leading lady that knows how to handle her business.

3. Alfre Woodard

There’s something about her that says ‘no-nonsense’. She’s not the most aggressive in terms of her personality or attitude but she is capable of giving a look that suggests that she’s anything but docile or willing to just back down to someone else’s opinion. In many ways Alfre is simply tough when it comes to her character and she does allow this to come through without any real struggle since in a lot of her roles she’s the type that might seem as though she can be talked down to or even approached with impunity. But when she gets that look in her eyes and opens her mouth one gets the feeling that they just screwed up by underestimating her.

2. Halle Berry

There’s nothing else to say but that Halle is perhaps one of the best actresses out there still and that it would be wise to give her this chance. She’s proven a great deal throughout the years and even after the slight dip in her productivity in recent years it would seem that she’s still fully capable and can hang with the best of them when it comes to movies. Playing the part of Kamala would no doubt be different for her at this juncture but it would also be a position that she could easily step into and make all her own since she’s got the skills and talent that are suited for a role such as this.

1. Angela Bassett

It almost feels as though Angela gets discounted at times as a TV star more than a movie star, but in truth she’s been both and she’s done great in each venue. While some of her movies have been kind of forgotten and left to collect dust in the archives there are still enough performances of hers out there to indicate that she’s every bit as good as any other actress and can perform in the manner that is needed to make a role really pop and come to life. Honestly it would seem that she might be one of the best choices for this particular role if only because like the other women on this list she’s a strong personality.

It would be hard to choose really since every woman mentioned is quite good at what they do.Halle is perhaps one of the best actresses

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