Five Actors Who Should Play Brian Kemp in a Movie

Five Actors Who Should Play Brian Kemp in a Movie

Brian Kemp is an individual that some might have thought was made to run for office since his family had been in politics for a while and as such it might have been expected. He was a developer before making his presence known in politics however and there are some that believe he should have stayed out of it altogether. Despite this there are plenty that have backed him throughout the years and obviously he has a pretty strong base to work from since he became the governor of Georgia in 2019. Of course many governors could tell you at this moment that being in their shoes isn’t the easiest thing in the world since they’ve been having to make some seriously big decisions for their states based around the facts and data that have been compiled concerning the coronavirus. One might think that the controversies he’s been embroiled in throughout his past might have been bad enough, but if someone had the guts to make a movie about his life tomorrow then it’d likely be a project focusing largely on the current crisis in America today and his reaction to it.

Here are five individuals that might be able to pull off such a role.

5. Sam Rockwell

There are moments when Sam Rockwell appears to get the credit he deserves and other moments when he tends to be highly underrated, but he’s one of the more dynamic stars on the scene today since he can go absolutely nuts or be completely serious, all in the same movie. Picking him for this role kind of leaves Sam as the outlier since he doesn’t really look much like Brian and doesn’t appear to have the range that he might need, but there’s still some faith that he would be able to take the role and run with it all the same. He’s taken on so many different personas throughout his career that this one doesn’t feel as though it would be that hard.

4. Matthew McConaughey

This kind of feels like a no-brainer since McConaughey is the kind of guy that can step into a lot of roles whether they’re made for him or not. He’d definitely need to be made up to look the part and possibly aged up a bit, but overall he should be able to take it on without too much of an issue. He’s played so many different roles in his time that it’s hard to think that he wouldn’t be able to do it since acting appears to be as easy as breathing when he’s involved. Whether or not he’d want the role is hard to say since some folks actually do take into account the role they’re being asked to do and say yes or no. But the best of them suck up their pride and do it if the role makes sense to them.

3. Ed Helms

Some of these picks are about acting talent and some are about appearance, with Ed Helms it’s more about appearance since he does match up with Kemp a little better than some. There are those that think that he might be a better comedian than dramatic actor and they might be right since he’s pretty hilarious. But Helms has taken on more dramatic moments and roles in his time and has done just fine. He’s the kind of guy that you can’t help but look at and think that something funny is about to happen thanks to the Hangover movies and various other comedies he’s been in, but the same time he’s still a capable all-around actor, kind of.

2. Gary Oldman

Picking Oldman is all about going with acting talent since this guy can play just about anyone so long as he doesn’t have to take on a big action role since being realistic he’s not really built for that. But taking on the role of a politician is perfect since he’s done such a thing before and he has the ability to make people believe in the character that he’s playing. I tend to put Gary Oldman on a lot of these lists but there’s a good reason, he’s the kind of guy that’s versatile enough that he can take on a lot of different projects and be just as efficient in one role as he is in another. But as a politician he could knock it out of the park.

1. Viggo Mortensen

There’s a reason for this pick and it’s because we don’t tend to see him that much these days, at least not as much as he used to show up in the recent past. But he’s a great actor and someone that can be depended on for a great role in quite a few different venues since he’s shown an amazing amount of skill whether he has to be in an action movie or something a little more low-key. The reason why he’s the number one pick is that he could likely take on the role of Kemp and do just as well as anyone.

Those are my picks for who could play Brian Kemp, I’d love to hear what anyone else thinks.

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