Five Actors Who Flat Out Refused to Do Certain Scenes

Five Actors Who Flat Out Refused to Do Certain Scenes

Five Actors Who Flat Out Refused to Do Certain Scenes

Let’s be reasonable on this subject and state that there are times when actors are acting a bit too childish about certain scenes and others when they’re sticking to personal principles that ought not to be crossed. That kind of covers a lot in show business when it comes to deciding just whether an actor is being too much of a diva or is standing up for what they believe in the right way, as there have been plenty of actors that have objected to filming certain scenes in movies and have either been openly criticized or lauded for it. Obviously there are plenty of people out there that would love to see some of these celebrities perform the scenes that they’re against, but forcing them into it wouldn’t be any more right than vilifying them for not doing the scenes at all. While it might be a bit frustrating from the viewer’s standpoint when it comes to wanting something and not getting it, one has to think as well about the actor who’s trying to keep their reputation and their pride, dignity, and sense of morality by sticking to their guns so to speak. So yes, there are those actors that just need to grow up a little bit and swallow some of that pride, but there are also those that are in the right for refusing to give it all up just for a paycheck. 

Here are a few actors that wouldn’t shoot certain scenes and a short explanation on why. 

5. Kirk Cameron – no kissing

The former teen idol that a lot of girl would have loved to just spend a date with has gone on record stating that he didn’t want to kiss his costar in the movie Fireproof, as he felt this would violate his vows that he’d made to his wife. While Kirk has been said to be a bit preachy on the set before it’s probably a good idea just to let him have this one, as did happen in fact. Through some clever lighting and the replacement of his costar, for the scene, with his wife, Kirk did get through the moment, but he refused to do it any other way. Some might call him a bit of a prude but hey, the guy has his principles. 

4. Wesley Snipes – Blade Trinity, ’nuff said

Much of what was said about this came from Patton Oswalt, one of Snipes’ costars on Blade Trinity, but apparently there were a lot of scenes in which a body double was used largely because Snipes was back in his trailer getting high or refused to work with the director or the other actors. It was also said that Snipes was argumentative and a bit combative at times, though how much of this is to be believed is kind of hard to figure out. What does appear to be agreed on is that Snipes didn’t exactly have a good time on this set since he wasn’t too receptive towards a few of the cast members or some of the ideas that were being conceived about the story. 

3. Dwayne Johnson/Vin Diesel – clash of egos

In a movie featuring big, tough, musclebound guys that have big egos and a lot of attitude there should be room for people to just set aside their differences and work together at all times, right? That’s where you might be wrong since during their first movie together Diesel and Johnson clashed quite a bit and as a result there were scenes that they couldn’t even film together given how volatile it might have been. It does feel as though the two have reconciled their differences over the years and that things are at least a little more peaceful, but in action movies it does sound as though tempers might flare quite often. 

2. Taron Egerton – ‘hands off’

There was a particular scene in Kingsman: The Golden Circle, when Taron was supposed to put his hand onto the nether regions of his costar Poppy Delevingne, an action that had Taron a bit uncomfortable to say the least. While the director pushed for it however, Taron eventually found a solution and had the actress’s husband put his hand into the scene, thereby saving him from having to do anything he might have felt was immoral in any way. There are times when some directors appear to want to introduce borderline pornography into their movies, and a lot of the celebrities just aren’t having it. 

1. Scarlet Johansson – no nude scenes

The actress has actually had it written in her contract that she wouldn’t take part in any nude scenes since she was 22 years old, which means she’s been adamant about this for a while now. Thankfully it’s not such a big deal since she’s done just fine without baring it all and has managed to create quite the reputation for herself with her looks and acting ability through the years. Sometimes just the perception of being a sex symbol without having to go that far is more than enough. 

Sometimes actors are just being difficult, but other times they’re doing what they feel is right. 

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