Five Actors Who Can’t Stand Being Famous

Five Actors Who Can’t Stand Being Famous


You might get a little frustrated and say “oh boo-hoo” to any celebrity that complains about the fame that they have to endure, and you’d be partially right in doing so. I say partially because let’s be honest, no one gets into show business with the expectation that their life will be anything but glitz and glamour if they happen to get noticed. It’s not a realistic expectation even if you happen to act because you love the craft. That’s an admirable trait really and something to aspire to for any actor.

But the reality of it is that despite being famous they are also people as well, and people tend to need private moments at times without the paparazzi always being present. It might not be gracious to say that actors have signed on for what they get in terms of fame and notoriety but it’s also fair to say that like every human they are deserving of their privacy and should be afforded some time to themselves every so often.

The fame and money might be great, but would you want a camera going off in your face every day?

5. Johnny Depp

Five Actors Who Can’t Stand Being Famous

For a long time Depp lived with his family in France to avoid the constant fans and tabloids and paparazzi that just had to snap his picture wherever he went. He’s been fairly candid with a lot of his life but has for many years expressed a desire to just keep things on the DL as much as possible. He’s not the glory hound that some actors are and tries to keep his personal life as secluded as he can from his professional life.

4. Brad Pitt

Five Actors Who Can’t Stand Being Famous

He might be one of the most popular actors of all time but in truth Pitt really doesn’t enjoy the excessive attention. He’s more of a family man that wants to take care of his children and just live his life the way he wants. He’s actually gone on to state that each and every time an actor is asked to come to a TV show or make an appearance it seems like they are compelled to talk about their private lives. This is not why he does what he does however.

3. Keira Knightley

One of the worst parts about being a celebrity is that you can’t even sneeze without someone claiming that you somehow disrespected another person or are suffering one of the worst sinus infections ever. Journalists love to catch any sign of imperfection or controversy to use in conjunction with a celebrity. That part would likely drive anyone nuts.

2. Jennifer Aniston

Five Actors Who Can’t Stand Being Famous

It seems as though the celebrities and their love lives are often more interesting than the common person and so the birth of tabloids and gossip columns has been a necessity for years. The sad part of this is that most celebrities really don’t want to air their personal laundry in the tabloids for people to read whether it’s true or not. This is called junk reporting and many celebrities have fallen victim to it.

1. Jennifer Lawrence

Five Actors Who Can’t Stand Being Famous

One of the biggest pet peeves of any celebrity is being stopped in public for a picture. Some of them don’t mind and will indulge fans from time to time, but after enough people do it then it gets understandably annoying. People need to realize that celebrities are just people as well and are attempting to lead a reasonably normal life.

I’ll say it again. Celebrities are people, not idols to worship. So lay off just a little bit.


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