Five Actors That Refuse to Do Romantic Scenes

Five Actors That Refuse to Do Romantic Scenes

Five Actors That Refuse to Do Romantic Scenes

Let’s just say it, some people enjoy love scenes and others feel that they’re not quite as necessary as all that. There are some actors that don’t mind locking lips with others and slipping out of their clothing now and again, while some balk at it and might have to be convinced. Then there are those that just don’t do the romantic stuff as much, at least not when it gets physical. To be fair it’s not a big deal since the movies don’t always require that someone find themselves in a sexual or even overly romantic situation. Again, some people like that stuff and there are plenty of movies and TV shows out there where this is practiced in a big way, but there are a good number actors that have clauses in their contracts that state that they will not, under any circumstances, be doing nude scenes or even getting that touchy-feely with their costars. For many people, it’s a personal issue since they don’t want to feel that they’re betraying their spouse, their religion, or even their own personal beliefs. That’s easy enough to understand since no one should be pressured into doing something that forces them to go against what they feel is right. But while some folks do have good reasons, there are times when they sound a bit outdated in their beliefs. But they stick to them, and that’s admirable enough.

Here are just a few actors that won’t do romantic scenes.

5. Lindsay Lohan

You might wonder what it could possibly hurt with Lohan’s reputation since she hasn’t exactly been seen as the most virtuous individual in the world throughout a lot of her career, but she had a body double in Scary Movie 5 when she had to act alongside Charlie Sheen. There have been rumors that she’s been trying to change her fortunes around by being a good girl, so to speak, but it’s a long haul for a lot of people to keep believing this. Not taking on romantic scenes is a good way to do this when it comes to some people since unfortunately, she has gained a reputation, whether it’s earned or not, of being someone that would likely do anything to get her career back.

4. Candace Cameron Bure

Candace has engaged in romantic scenes in the past, but as the years have continued to roll on she’s decided to stop doing this as much since she’s not comfortable kissing more than one man in her life at this time. Given that she’s been a constant when it comes to holiday movies and various other productions where romance is a part of the game plan it’s easy to think that she would rather keep everything low-key on the romantic front since it would reduce the need for her to kiss one man after another in various made for TV movies. Given that she’s getting older it’s not hard to see why she feels this way.

3. Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne has engaged in romantic scenes, but in recent years he’s stayed away from these quite often since he’s focused more on being the action star, the husband, and the father figure in a lot of movies, which has worked for him in a big way. Just because he’s big and buff doesn’t mean he needs to be any more than eye candy for a lot of women that want to see his shirt come off. If you watch a lot of his movies as of late you’ll see that he’s been the badass, but he’s also been the guy that is more or less someone’s father, husband, brother, etc. and doesn’t really engage in a lot of romance.

2. Neal McDonough

Neal doesn’t look like a guy that really needs to engage in romantic scenes since he looks absolutely nuts sometimes without a lot of effort. Plus, he’s already explained that due to his faith he doesn’t feel that romance scenes would be possible since he would feel guilty about it. He’s another individual that doesn’t want to dishonor his beliefs or his spouse in any way, and that’s easy to understand and respect. Plus, he’s the kind of guy in a movie that you’d expect to be a part of the wrecking crew, a guy that would be happily toasting the guys on a good job done, not headed off to lock lips with a willing barmaid.

1. Kirk Cameron

Kirk is pretty much the same as Neal in that he doesn’t want to dishonor his wife. His reasons for not engaging in a romantic scene in a movie are easy enough to take, but the fact has been that Kirk is a little more annoying for this since he tends to push his values and views on other people in a way that’s not entirely warranted. It’s great that someone stands up for their beliefs, as it’s warranted and easy to respect. But when doing so it’s still important not to proselytize too much, since a lot of people don’t appreciate this.

Romantic scenes are desired in movies, but they’re not always necessary.

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