Five Actors That Pretty Much Play Themselves in Movies

Surprisingly, a lot of people might argue the point that actors don’t typically act like themselves in movies. It’s their job to act like someone else, but the great ones are able to find a way to either become someone else on set or just be themselves and make the movie conform to that in one of the best ways possible. Those that do the latter are amazing in that they don’t even have to change that much, but they will in order to show a different side of their persona in an effort to let people know that they are deeper than many would give them credit for. Some folks can get by with just being themselves on set, an achievement that can’t be matched by everyone, but is kind of a natural talent that people pick up as they go. Some folks are exceptionally good at it since the ability to just act naturally comes in a way that might appear to take a lot of effort but in truth is just how they are in real life. That sounds odd, doesn’t it? An actor acting like themselves to convince others of the act? It’s real though, and it happens.

Here are a few people that just tend to act like themselves on camera.

5. Kevin Costner

Kevin Costner is kind of the everyman that a lot of people enjoy watching since he usually plays a tragic hero or in some cases a pretty diabolical villain such as he did in Mr. Brooks. But he’s the working man a lot of time, someone that’s there to do the job or is pulled into the job as a reluctant hero of sorts that knows what he wants but also knows that fate is working against him in a big way. He’s the kind of actor that feels down to earth and approachable and is essentially the type that you might find out working on his own estate rather than hiring a crew to do it. This isn’t for certain obviously, but it would fit his character.

4. Ryan Reynolds

Ryan is what you would call a lovable goofball that can flip the script and be the awesome good guy in a heartbeat and that appears to be what he’s like in real life since he’s a talker and a screwball apparently, as it comes naturally to him. But one should kind of think this is normal since he’s been a fast-talking and funny individual in just about every movie he’s been in throughout his career with only a few exceptions. Even when he’s in a serious movie though there’s a good chance that he’s going to throw in a few quips just to lighten the mood every now and then. That’s a big part of his charm though.

3. John Malkovich

Somber to the point of being kind of creepy and even scary, John Malkovich is the guy to call when a movie needs someone that can flip out at a moment’s notice and can be as calm and peaceful as possible in the next. In some cases, he’s seen as a bit pretentious and even a little too upscale for a lot of people, but he’s still the kind of guy that’s perfect for a lot of movies since he has quite the range, but his calm and otherwise thoughtful demeanor is what he excels at, and what he normally utilizes in his everyday life. He’s not the big comedic presence that other actors are, but thankfully he’s not always the psychotic killer that he’s played in the past.

2. Jeff Goldblum

It sounds like he’s just in nutty in real life as he is in the movies and that’s pretty cool since in the movies he’s quite the character. There have been a lot of Jeff Goldblum movies where he didn’t act a little eccentric while entertaining the audience, as this is how he’s really become known to his fans. His acting in the first two Jurassic Park movies and in Thor: Ragnarok is what people tend to see him as since it’s a fun and lively persona that he keeps up pretty easily and also one that helps define him in a big way since he’s taken it to many movies and to TV as well when he was on Law & Order: Criminal Intent.

1. Bill Murray

It’s hard to believe that Bill is all over the place like this at times since he plays very silly and sometimes over the top characters that are hard to keep up with. But through it all, he’s a very sarcastic and yet very funny individual that can just as serious as he is funny. Some people that have met him state that he’s kind of a jerk, but others have said he’s a rather nice person, so it’s hard to figure out who caught him on a bad day and who’s telling the truth.

Sometimes actors don’t have to act that much.

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