Firefly Will Be Getting a Comic Book Sequel This March

Firefly Will Be Getting a Comic Book Sequel This March

While I’m not a big Firefly fan, the idea for a new comic book sequel is something I can at least get behind since it’s a move in the right direction, meaning that it will take place 20 years in the future and will feature the child of Wash and Zo as she attempts to live up to her mother’s legend and that of the original Firefly crew. There will be a new crew in place, and the same ship will be used as they continue to be separate from the Alliance, but the story will be moving forward, which is a positive look finally since it has to do with furthering things instead of continually rebooting them and going back to try and fix them up. So many people have been going on and on about a Firefly reboot, or continuation, or something that would bring the original characters back, that it became tiresome a while back and has still somehow been a matter of discussion since apparently there is a rumor that it would happen at Disney+, even if there isn’t any concrete evidence that such a thing will happen. But a new comic that will keep the story moving forward and admittedly using many of the same elements could possibly be enough to keep people interested and maybe even give them the idea to stop living in the past and move on. I know, I’m one of the least likely to be saying this since I happen to love past movies and TV shows, but the story still has to keep moving if people want it to remain popular and carry any of the same steel that it once did along its spine.

There’s no guarantee that this will be a fix to the longing that people have had concerning Firefly, but it should at least be enough to get people interested in how the story has progressed and how it could possibly be picked up at a later date if the comic manages to gain enough of a following. At the very least it does feel as though a new comic could be a better way to go than to keep talking about reviving a show that only lasted one season for various reasons. Maybe this will generate more interest among those that might take it as a way to create a new show that could keep things interesting and appeal to fans by introducing a new cast. There are bound to be purists that won’t want to see such change, as there usually are, but the point here is that there will be plenty of other fans that will continue to pay attention and possibly find it necessary to enjoy what comes next since two decades into the future could make a big difference. Apparently, the original group will have disbanded and gone their own ways, but it does sound as though familiar faces could show up from time to time. It’s also worth noting that the comic will be taking off after the events of the movie Serendipity, which could mean quite a few things are going to be different and will continue to change as the storyline is laid out. When all is said and done it does feel as though this comic could be a way to link the new crew of the Firefly to a possible chance at showing up in their own series. It’s entirely possible after all.

But at the very least it might satisfy those that are still into reading comics and want to see something that will justify their continued moaning over the loss of a favored show that was still only ONE SEASON. It’s entirely possible to love a show after such a short amount of time, I mean look at how many people were talking about The Mandalorian after season one, no matter that the show is still going. But those that feel this way about Firefly don’t appear willing to forget that they were given one season and then dumped on their collective face when it was announced that there wouldn’t be another one. When a person figures out how long it’s been since that time it’s easy to wonder just how some people get by in their lives when they don’t get what they want. Hopefully this comic will be a balm to soothe those that are still smarting from the loss, and the possible sting that might come from realizing that any rumors about Firefly starting up again might be just that, rumors. It’s a chance to continue the story again at least, and one that many people should be able to embrace since the comic will be available this coming March in 2021, which means it’s essentially just around the corner. It might be worth a look.

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