Why Final Space Deserves More Than Its Cult Classic Status

Why Final Space Deserves More Than Its Cult Classic Status

Since its premiere in 2018, the animated sci-fi series, Final Space has garnered a devoted following of fans, who praise the show for its compelling characters, well-crafted narrative, and unique animation style. However, despite its dedicated cult following, Final Space remains relatively unknown compared to other series in the genre. From the series’ compelling storyline to its masterful character development, Final Space offers something special for viewers looking for a fresh take on the sci-fi genre. 

The show follows the adventures of Gary Goodspeed, and his loyal companion, Mooncake, as they embark on a mission to save the universe from a malevolent creature known as the Lord Commander. Along the way, Gary and Mooncake encounter a host of memorable characters and are pushed to their limits in a series of trials that test their strength, resolve, bravery and in some cases their lives. As the story progresses, the stakes get higher, and the challenges get more intense, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats and fully invested in the show’s characters and storyline.

Final Space Seamlessly Merged Comedy and With Its Dark Dramatic Themes

Why Final Space Deserves More Than Its Cult Classic Status

One of the best things about Final Space is its unique blend of comedy with dark and dramatic themes. On the surface, Final Space is a comedy, with witty banter and plenty of laughs but it is clear that there is something more, deeper lurking behind the laughs. As the show progresses, it becomes clearer that there are darker, more serious themes at play. Death, loss, and betrayal are all explored in the series, alongside the humour and lighter moments. The show seamlessly weaves these different elements together, creating a unique experience.

What really sets Final Space apart is the way in which it approaches its dramatic themes. Rather than shying away from them, the show embraces the darkness, incorporating it into the narrative and using it to elevate the overall story. This is particularly evident in the character of Gary. When the show starts he is in space losing oxygen and for each episode the number of minutes he has left reduces, but the full episodes show Gary to be somewhat of a silly but well-meaning dimwit who is clearly evolving into a more mature person. As the show progresses, we see him dealing with increasingly serious and challenging situations. 

Gary Goodspeed’s Journey to Becoming A Hero Exemplifies Stellar Character Development

final space cult status

Gary Goodspeed, the protagonist of this show, goes on a transformative journey as the show progresses, both literally and figuratively. When the show starts, he comes across as an immature and careless individual, whose primary goal is to live an easy and carefree life, while taking credit for things he is not qualified for. However, as the show progresses, Gary undergoes several significant trials, which challenge him both on a physical and an emotional level. Through these experiences, Gary learns about personal responsibility, the importance of teamwork, and the value of personal sacrifice.

Gary’s journey to becoming a hero is an excellent example of character development, as it shows how experiences and events can shape a person, leading them to grow and mature. Gary evolves and adapts to the challenges placed before him, becoming a complex character with depth in the process. Also, Gary’s story demonstrates how adversity can bring out the best in people, as he rises to the challenge time and time again, overcoming seemingly impossible odds to save the day. Gary’s character development is a key reason why Final Space deserved more than its cult classic status.

Its Overarching Story Is Complex and Dynamic

Final Space cult classic status

In its entirety, Final Space is a complex story that goes through many changes while still maintaining its themes of self-development. Viewers are forced to experience the lives of the characters to observe how even when people seem like they have peaked, there is always more room to grow. Goodspeed is not the only character in Final Space who changes for the better and this is only possible because the story in itself is complex, layered and dynamic.  

By the end of the show, Gary emerges as a fully-realized hero, who is willing to put his life on the line to save the universe. This is one example of character development that is beautifully done, and the show achieves this while being funny and serious. What’s more, the overarching story and the team’s journey to save the world is captivating and reaches unexpected depths to the delight of viewers. Final Space might be a cult classic that will forever remain in the annals of pop culture, but it deserves much more attention than it currently gets. 

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