10 Things You Didn’t Know about Felicity Blunt

Sometimes just being related to famous people is enough to get your name and face into the papers and on screen, but at the very least if your Felicity Blunt it might also mean that you’re married to someone like Stanley Tucci. The fact that her sister is one of the biggest stars in the world, as is her brother-in-law John Krasinski, is just kind of icing on the cake when it comes to her being able to claim the spotlight now and again. From being a literary agent to, well, still being a literary agent but now with a lot more notice from the general public, she seems to have taken it all in stride and, with her husband, has created a rather comfortable life with their children. Whatever goes on during her time in the spotlight or outside of it is kind of no one else’s concern unless she’s willing to speak on it.

Here are a few things you might not have known about her.

10. She is Emily Blunt’s sister.

She is actually Emily’s older sister, meaning that for whatever reason she didn’t quite get the same talent or the desire to get into acting. Just because one sibling goes one way however doesn’t mean the rest will follow suit, as it’s been seen on many an occasion throughout history.

9. She’s married to Stanley Tucci.

There are a lot of stars out there that aren’t married to other stars and this would qualify as one of those relationships since Felicity isn’t an actress or a TV personality really, but she does get a lot of attention thanks to who she’s related to. There are a lot worse ways to gain a small amount of fame though.

8. She’s a literary agent.

A literary agent can be a writer’s best friend or their worst nightmare since they’re the ones that help writers when it comes to finding publishers but unless their writers are worth that much they might delegate them to others that aren’t quite as adept at their job.

7. She has three step-children.

Stanley Tucci came into their relationship with three kids from his previous marriage, so she’s had to be a stepmother for a while, which is by far and large one of the hardest jobs on this planet since it requires a person to care for another’s children as if they were their own.

6. She’s 37 years old.

Felicity is still relatively young but she’s had two kids in her 30s, which biologically-speaking is coming close to the years in which women tend to be advised by their doctors to stop having children. Childbearing does take a lot of women at any age after all, but it starts getting harder the older they get.

5. She and her husband were uneasy at first with their relationship.

Stanley’s previous wife passed away from breast cancer unfortunately, and even after two years he felt uneasy about getting into another relationship. They managed to work past this however and did allow their love to continue building until finally they became a couple.

4. She keeps her personal life kind of private.

You would almost think that many actors and celebrities would do this same thing, but many of them put their entire lives on blast for people to see without giving much thought it seems to what people might say, do, or even repost over the internet. In all honesty the lives of celebrities are no one else’s business unless they make it so.

3. Her net worth is kind of tied up with her husband’s.

Reportedly her net worth is around $80,000, which isn’t too bad considering that she’s not that much of a celebrity. But given that she and Stanley Tucci compliment each other very well it’s been seen that their net worth is often combined in a way.

2. She’s kind of a tall woman.

With the average height of a woman still resting at around 5’4″, Felicity stands a bit taller at 5’7″, not a giant by any means but definitely above average. It’s funny to think however that the averages don’t seem to change that much, or that often.

1. She was married in 2012.

Six years is long enough to have two more children, but given that the couple now have five in all one might think that this would be plenty since giving enough attention to a child and raising them is not only expensive, which isn’t much of a worry for a star like Stanley Tucci, but also time-consuming since taking care of just one child can take a great amount of one’s personal time.

This definitely seems like one of those cases in which Felicity must have been in the right place at the right time to meet Stanley and the two just hit it off. Stranger things have happened.

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