Our Favorite TV and Movie Characters Who Always Wore Suspenders

While some TV characters are remembered for their personalities, there are others who are also well-known for their fashion sense. Some of the best-loved TV personalities and movie characters have a quirky sense of style that is unique to them. One unusual item of clothing that some of these stars have worn are suspenders. Here are five of the best TV and movie characters who are well-known for wearing suspenders.

Steve Urkel

Steve Urkel was the socially awkward character in Family Matters; a show that was aired between 1989and 1998. He was played by Jaleel White and had an unusual sense of style for a teenager. One aspect of his clothing that he is instantly recognized for are the suspenders he always wore. Other typical items of clothing worn by Urkel included geeky cardigans, plaid shirts that were always buttoned to the top and his famously oversized spectacles. This style was chosen for Urkel by the series producers to reflect the dorky personality of the character. Little did any of them know that just a decade later many of these items of clothing would become the height of fashion.


Played by Robin Williams, the late comedian and actor, Mork was one-half of the Mork & Mindy double act. Mork & Mindy was aired from 1978 and 1982 and Mindy was played by Pam Dawber. Mork is sent from the planet Ork to observe life on earth and human behavior in this spin-off from ‘Happy Days’. Mork certainly has his own flamboyant sense of style and regularly combined clashing bright colors. The signature piece in his wardrobe was the suspenders that he always wore. He combined these with colorful jumpsuits.

The Mask

Who can forget the flamboyant style of The Mask AKA Stanley Ipkis, played by Jim Carrey? In this film, the role played by Carrey, every time he wears a mask he transforms from his boring self to ‘The Mask’, a character who is extrovert and extravagant. His behavior is extreme and his brightly colored wardrobe is highly noticeable. The costumes worn by The Mask include bright suits in primary colors, fancy shirts, colorful ties, a hat, and suspenders.

Jack Dawson

When Leonardo DiCaprio played the role of Jack Dawson in ‘Titanic’, suspenders were an important part of his wardrobe. Rather than making a style statement with this accessory, it is more likely that this item was part of his outfits to reflect how men dressed during the period in which ‘Titanic’ was set. The Titanic sank in 1912 and suspenders were an item of clothing that were commonly worn by men in both Europe and the United States at this time.

Gordon Gekko

In Wall Street, Michael Douglas plays the role of Gordon Gekko who is a ruthless corporate raider. Part of his regular office attire is suspenders. This accessory changes what would otherwise be a dull business outfit into an outfit that shows some of the personality of this character. Other features that showed his style were the colorful ties, shirts with a collar of a different color and the omnipresent cigar. Although Gekko is a ruthless character, Douglas is a great looking guy who is adored by many women and the suspenders gave him an air of sophistication that female viewers fo this movie found appealing.

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