The “Pig” Family Of Peppa Pig: Explained

The “Pig” Family Of Peppa Pig: Explained
The “Pig” Family Of Peppa Pig: Explained

credit: Peppa Pig (S2, E12)

Watching television is undeniably one of the best ways to learn a language in terms of listening. Through watching TV, we get to know phrases that are casual and common that native speakers can use without sounding too robotic. So if you want to practice your listening and your reception of vocabulary, go watch some TV.

Of course, TV shows can teach another language to kids as well. Dora can teach kids Spanish as she randomly switches to Spanish and translates it back to English. Now, if you want to learn British English, then there’s Peppa Pig, who was well known for his British accent that sometimes children would unknowingly imitate her.

Below, we’ll have a rundown of the main family in Peppa Pig, namely, the Pig family, to better understand the show. We will take a look at the characters and know what they do in the story.

1. Peppa Pig

Peppa is the show’s titular character. If you think that the “Pig” part of her name was from the fact that she was a pig, then you are mistaken as it is her surname.

She is a pink piglet who, like the other characters, has two eyes on each side of the face, with only one side of the face visible at a time. She is pink in color and commonly wears a red shirt. Her hair is twirled.

Peppa could be described as an energetic girl who was very assertive about what she wanted. This would cause some viewers to have a slight hate for her because of her very spoiled attitude. However, at the end of the day, Peppa is reconcilable and knows how to apologize and would do it once she realizes her mistakes.

2. George Pig

George is a timid and quiet pig. She is Peppa’s younger brother, with whom she enjoys jumping in mud puddles together. He appears as a more rounded piglet, smaller in size relative to Peppa. He exhibits toddler-like behavior, such as disobedience and loud and sudden crying. He loves things that would usually fascinate children, such as space, rockets, planets, and dinosaurs.

Speaking of dinosaurs, he even has a toy dinosaur, whom he named “Mr. Dinosaur,” but is pronounced like dine saw. He would always have Mr. Dinosaur close to him, like during dinner, where the toy would sit next to him, during a bath, or at bedtime, where Mr. Dinosaur would be tucked in next to him underneath his blanket.

He has a paler pink color than Peppa. He wears a blue shirt most time. When eating, he noticeably requires a high chair to reach the table or, at least, have his food served closer to him. He has not yet developed the ability to speak a full sentence or pronounce words correctly (like dine saw) because he is still young (aged 2 during and after the events of Season 2, Episode 26). He is only capable of snorting or oinking.

The “Pig” Family Of Peppa Pig: Explained

credit: Peppa Pig (S2, E4)

3. Mummy Pig

Mummy Pig is the mother of George and Peppa and is the mother of the Pig family. She is the wife of Daddy Pig, who is twenty years older than her.

Physically, she appears as a pig larger than Peppa but smaller than Daddy. Her lips are pinker than the intensity of the color pink in her body. She has prominent eyelashes as well.

Mummy is the guardian and the moral compass of the family, similar to Nicole Watterson in The Amazing World of Gumball. She is also a responsible member of the family, leading her carefree husband and her two kids out of harm’s way if they were about to do something dangerous. She is also very caring.

It is unknown whether she was named “Mummy” even before having children.

The “Pig” Family Of Peppa Pig: Explained

credit: Peppa Pig (S2, E1)

4. Daddy Pig

Daddy Pig is the father of the family. Physically, he is the largest and the roundest of the Pig family. He is also the strongest physically and vocally. He has a deep voice and snorting sound and would always “shake the camera,” the strongest in the opening scenes.

He appears to have the most hair in the Pig family because of his few strands of beard and mustache.

He wears a pair of eyeglasses which make him have the vibe of an intelligent pig. And that is true as he is an architect, implied by some occasional blueprints that he would be seen to have in some episodes.

Like Mummy Pig, his real name is unknown.

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