Father of Larry Nassar Victims Charges at Nassar in Court

The father of three daughters took his best shot at getting to Larry Nassar in court after hearing the judge relay the charges against the former doctor for USA Gymnastics and Michigan State University. Predictably the court officers were there front and center to stop and detain him before he could go any further, and the judge in question was quick to condemn his actions. It’s the reaction that many fathers would likely understand, but one that many would still not condone as the result would be quite typical as well. Margraves, the man who wanted justice for his daughters, asked for five minutes with the man that had done this horrible act, to which he was of course denied. After asking for one minute and being denied he rushed the defendant without hesitation, an action that had him met and corralled by two court officers in a flash.

He didn’t resist once he was down but was still asking what the officers would do if this had happened to them, a question that no one can honestly answer until it does happen. The judge didn’t end up charging him but Margraves could have served time for direct contempt and assault and could have also been slapped with over seven thousand dollars in fines. Instead he apologized to the court, to the judge, and to the officers for his outburst. There was no apology for Nassar, as something much more dire was likely in Margraves’ mind. This can be assumed since any person with kids can’t even fathom what they would do to a man that responsible for sexually abusing their children. This rash charge was something that many people might believe they would want to do, but a thinking parent might reason would only get them in trouble and make matters worse for their children.

But the problem is that despite the probability of Nassar spending the rest of his life in prison, he will still be treated to living quarters, guaranteed meals, and a reasonably safe space to spend the remainder of his life while surviving on the taxpayer’s dollar. Is that really justice? This is a debate that’s been ongoing for some time with many people and has never once reached a full conclusion that has made everyone happy. The issue with the eye for an eye mentality is one that goes back a long, long way. If you take revenge for something that someone did then someone will take revenge on you for that, and so on and so forth until the reason why the feud began is lost. It’s not the solution, but giving child molesters the ability to live off of society for the rest of their lives doesn’t seem like much of one either.

Also, the possibility that might exist of Nassar ever being paroled would irk a great many people as well. Rehabilitation methods aside, this was no mistake that he made, no minor faux pas that can be swept under the rug. Margraves had the right of a parent to be angry, but charging at a defendant in court was not the smartest move.

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