Fanart Proves Jake Gyllenhaal Should Be the Next Batman

With the fan art provided to prove that Jake Gyllenhaal should be the next Batman there’s only one thing I can notice that might need to be changed somehow. It either came through because of the graphics being used or because they needed to accommodate his full head of hair, but that cowl looks like it’s slightly swollen at the top. I do get the feeling that it’s just the graphics and nothing else but Jake might need to trim his hair down just a bit for the role, almost like he did for Southpaw but not quite that severe. Bruce Wayne does have a nice head of hair after all, but not quite the Prince of Persia look that Gyllenhaal had to wear years ago.

So what do you think? Could he possibly be the next playboy/vigilante? He’s got the physique and he’s been involved in action flicks before so it wouldn’t be anything too new for him to handle. Plus he’s got the look that is able to project supreme confidence as well as that brash arrogance that many seem to enjoy in Wayne and Batman. It’s nothing he can’t back up of course, but it’s a cockiness that has been kind of getting Batman in trouble in the past couple of movies since he’s nearly gotten his butt handed to him by Superman more than once and it’s been seen that while he’s in prime physical shape and has a slew of high-powered, expensive toys, he is still human.

Gyllenhaal can do arrogance obviously, but he can also be a nice guy onscreen. His talents are more than enough to grant him the role, but is he ready? Is he ready for the chance that this role might mark if not ruin his career? Keep in mind that even those that haven’t been ruined in some way by this role have still been defined by it more than once. Keaton was the first on the big screen and one of the greatest, but the second one kind of turned him off to any more. Kilmer was nothing to write home about, and Clooney, well, thank goodness for the Ocean’s franchise that kept him as a popular character in the public eye. Bale did well obviously, but had no love for it, while Affleck kind of suffered from a Snyder-induced darkness that didn’t seem willing to let up within the past two movies where Batman has made a prominent appearance.

Thankfully Snyder won’t be in on this next film and it’s supposed to go in a slightly different direction, we hope. The idea is that Batman will be colliding with Deathstroke, who is a villain unlike many in that he’s an unstoppable killing machine kind of like Marvel’s Deadpool, only much more sane, calculating, and less apt to become an antihero of any kind. Of course at this time since there’s a big rewrite in the process Deathstroke might be just a rumor and another villain might get added into the mix instead.

But is Gyllenhaal ready?

If he ever got the nod, doubtful but hopeful for some, then he would have to be.

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