Super Mario Post-it Mural Made with 6223 Notes

Super Mario Post-it Mural Made with 6223 Notes

Viking made this incredible mural in their office using 6,223 post-it notes to recreate Super Mario level 1-1! Here’s what they had to say…

“Our office is filled with gamers, so in celebration of the release of the new Super Mario Odyssey game, 10 employees decided to decorate our office games room recreating the iconic level 1-1 from the original Super Mario Bros. It took 10 people 7 hours to build the mural and we used 6,223 post-it notes!”

I will fully admit that I thought the blue background was the painted wall but one the work on this Super Mario Bros. mural got going my eyes widened in amazement. The stunning amount of work that went into this mural is impressive enough that it was worth the seven hours it took to put it together and possibly however long it was allowed to stay up.

Any place that has a game room like this would be where I’d want to work outside of the home. It looks like a fun spot to just go and hang out when on break or when a person has a free minute or two to spend goofing off. Mario had to be humongous but that’s understandable since he was after all the star of the game and more to the point trying to make him too small would have worked against them in terms of how big the post-it notes are. It would have meant making him bigger and as a result making everything else bigger, so proportions had to be tossed out the window when it came to the 8-bit plumber.

What’s really impressive is the level of detail that they put into the mural since they even included the shading for the bricks and the pipes. That kind of attention tells you that they were really going for a sense of authenticity that is fun to see. This would be one of the rooms that would likely draw a lot of attention in any business since people wouldn’t want to leave such a fun atmosphere. In fact this company must be kind of laid back if they have a game room such as this as it’s something that a lot of businesses tend not to spend their money on.

Mario has been one of the mainstays of gaming for so long that leaving him out of anything seems like a tragedy, and with the release of the new Mario Odyssey it just seems like a brilliant time to pay homage to one of the oldest and most engaging characters of all time. He’s been represented in just about every way he can be without getting too out of control, and a lot of his games have either been hilariously over the top or actually kind of creepy in a way that people have come to love even if they don’t fully understand it at first.

While I think a scene out of Super Mario Bros. 2 would have been awesome you can’t take away anything from the representation of Level 1-1 from the first and most classic of the Mario games.

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