10 Things You Didn’t Know About “Famously Afraid”

10 Things You Didn’t Know About “Famously Afraid”

Famously Afraid

The Travel Channel has consistently been adding to its lineup of interesting programming in the genres that are often described as disturbing, yet addictive to viewers. The shows range from paranormal to the best places to eat and find adventure. One of the network’s latest new shows is titled “Famously Afraid.” What makes this series so interesting is that it gives celebrities a chance to tell about times in their lives when they were the most afraid or scared in a situation. This is a brand new television series for 2019 so there are a lot of people who haven’t even heard of it yet, so here are 10 things you didn’t know about “Famously Afraid” that might help you decide if it’s a new series for you.

1. The new series made its premiere on November 5, 2019

“Famously Afraid” made its premiere on Tuesday, November 5, 2019, at 10 pm on the Travel Channel. It’s the network’s newest series to creep you out and make your skin crawl. Each episode features popular celebrities sharing paranormal encounters that they have had in their personal lives. The new show is going to be a regular weekly series and this was the event that kicked off the first season for the show. If you missed it, you can still stream the episode from a variety of different sources so you’re caught up and ready for the next round.

2. Producers promise a variety in content

The content from each episode of the new series will have two things in common. Celebrities will be telling stories based upon their own individual experiences, and they will all deal with some aspect of the paranormal. Aside from that, we’re told that there is going to be a diverse range of topics within the content. So far, we’ve learned that the shared encounters will be about UFO sightings, haunted houses, weird run-ins with spirits, demonic possessions and more beyond these.

3. The platform is ordered in sets of 3

Each episode of the series will feature three well-known celebrities. Each will have their own separate time for sharing paranormal experiences. What sounds even more exciting is that each of the three celebrities will appear to share their information in an interview format, and there will also be additional testimonies from witnesses to the events. It’s going to be much more than someone telling a story. Every effort has been made to confirm the stories that will be shared.

4. The premiere started the series off on a positive note

The three celebrities who appeared in the premiere episode on November 5, 2019, were Howie Mandel, Hal Sparks, and Christi and Chloe Lukasiak. So far, viewers have heard about Howie’s encounter with a malevolent spirit that targeted his young daughter, how Sparks had a childhood encounter with aliens and how the Lukasiak’s had a paranormal experience at LaLaurie Mansion.

5. The first season celebrities have been announced

We also learned more about who is going to be appearing on “Famously Afraid” for season one. Although we’re not quite sure of the breakdown we know that the concluding episode will feature Richie Ramone of the Ramones, Chris Kattan, and Geraldo Rivera. Others that will be featured include Montel Wiliams, Steve Guttenberg, R.J. Mitte, Kate Flannery, Tori Spelling, Ed Lover, Todd Bridges, Brandi Glanville, Willie Ames, Patti Stanger, Carson Kressley, Parker Stevenson, Amber Rose, Daisy Fuentes, Ty Pennington, Fred Williamson, and more.

6. This is the first time for many stars

We’ve all heard celebrities share bizarre encounters from their past, but not everyone has been anxious to come forward and tell a tale that is hard to believe. Some have kept their experiences a secret for many years and haven’t talked about them publicly. As the season progresses, we’ll hear from several stars who are sharing this information for the very first time. Some have been concerned that talking about paranormal events in their lives could negatively impact their credibility, but with more people coming forward, it’s not such a taboo subject any longer.

7. The show is produced specifically for the Travel Channel

The executive producers for the show “Famously Afraid are Seth Jarrett and Julie Insogna-Jarrett, of Jarrett Creative, the production studio. They are joined by co-executive producers Mark Kachelries and Kathi Watson. On the Travel Channel’s end of the business, the executive producer is Cathy Garland, joined by the VP of production and development Julie Meisner Eagle, the general manager Matthew Bulter, and the Group President of Investigation Discovery, Travel Channel, American Heroes Channel, and Destination America, Henry Schleiff,

8. Daniel Lam directs “Famously Afraid”

We were interested in knowing a little more about who will be directing the new series. So far, Daniel Lam has been the director of the first two episodes. When we looked a little further into his experience we noted that this was his first experience in directing and the premiere tuned out very well. We’ve not yet heard if he will continue with upcoming episodes, or if there will be other directors involved in the process, other than Chad Cunningham who serves as second unit assistant director.

9. It’s not for the faint of heart

We must acknowledge that some of the stories shared may be a bit unsettling. While there will be some dramatization, the stories told are alleged to be true. This may be difficult for some sensitive individuals to deal with, particularly small children so discretion is recommended.

10. It’s another potential success for the Travel Channel

This adds just one more exciting series in the Travel Channel’s lineup of paranormal content. We have every expectation that “Famously Afraid” is going to be yet another highly-rated series that will draw in droves of viewers for the Travel Channel. If you want to hear about the paranormal experiences of people who are highly credible, with witness testimonials then this might be a show worth tuning in to watch.

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