Extant Review 1.05: “What is Earth is Wrong?”

Extant Review 1.05: “What is Earth is Wrong?”


I’m not going to lie, I did not like this episode of Extant. For the most part, it seemed to play out on an idea that John should have been having throughout the entire series since Molly told him she was pregnant- how can he know? He knew that they were infertile. He knew that she was alone in space. Surprised and thrilled yes, but probably time to get an ultrasound before we spread the news to our family prematurely no? Bottom line, he’s never seen any proof of the baby. Throughout the first three quarters of the episode, people kept suggesting that Molly may be going out of her mind. However, I realized that Molly needed someone she could talk to and explain things to so he was going to have to trust her again. Thus, they found the bloody dog towel from her father’s house and all was forgiven. I didn’t really see need for this that item though. They could’ve used another item from the series that had more to do with the show that wasn’t one and done type thing.

Although on that subject of that dog, why did that dog bite her and not any other dog? Why did he leave her alone for the rest of the time they were at her father’s house? So don’t he think he was being a clever dues ex machina now? I thought it was odd that that was a plot point in that episode that wasn’t brought up again.

That actual good stuff didn’t happen until fifteen minutes until the end but trust me, a lot happened! In that time, they found the dog towel, found out that John’s not the father, Ethan woke up from his coma-like state, and her co-worker found his energy algorithm that let her see what happened to her on the ship. On an event series like this, where a season is condensed into fewer episodes so more has to be fit into each one, I expect more out of each episode and more usually comes out. It didn’t all have to come out in the very end though. She could’ve been working for her job for more than just the end of the episode, where her friend told her about Algorithm Danny 5, the energy signature. They could’ve shown her talking to old co-workers or getting exams done on her. When that’s the first thing you do is look for the energy trace, it looks somewhat suspicious. She also could have worried about Ethan more. I know she cares. That’s why she left work early and why she was always asking about him. Show that!

I actually am looking forward to next week’s episode, if only to discover what the plan is for the baby. I also like the “Julie being jealous of Molly” thing and would like to see that come to fruition. I don’t think they’re going to make it to season two, what with the time period change and rotation date, so whatever storylines they have had better wrap it soon. I like how Julie commented that Ethan’s programming was strong because it came from her and John’s. John quickly added that Molly added to it. He’s a good guy who just wants to see his family together. Here’s to him and Molly, may she find peace with whatever happens to the baby.

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