Extant 1.07 & 1.08 Review: “More In Heaven and Earth” & “Incursion”


Tonight on Extant we saw Molly trying to do as much as she could to see her baby, which John wasn’t a fan of. He wanted her to tell what she knew what to the board, show the file that she had and be done with it. Right now, I have very little interest in this though. In fact, there are several plots happening with the baby, or the Offspring as the ISEA puts it. I know that there was a cloud in the chamber with it in this episode and then it has something to do with Yasumoto’s cancer. I just don’t care. All you really have to do is tell me it’s an alien and I’m set. You can show me side-effects of it, like the three-circle logos that are seemingly everywhere but I don’t need to see everything that has to do with the baby.

What I’m also not interested is seeing how many people are flip-flopping from ISEA’s side to Molly’s. First, it was her doctor’s, which was surprising because I know that there was a connection with Sam’s brother which was even stated but I guess her friend’s pregnancy trumps that? In the next episode, we have Kern, the director of security, who now realized what happens to a “prisoner in a box.” From the previews for next week, it seems that Yasumoto is turning to her side next week. It seems like with every episode someone else comes to her side or someone else helps her and it’s always at just the right moment. It’s very convenient and unbelievable.

What I am interested in now though is Ethan. At first, I thought he was just a kid and nothing more. However, in the past few episodes he’s become so much more than just that. At first, just tonight, I was fascinated because he was learning so much faster than he was supposed to. Who knows how to ride a bike even though no one’s taught you? Or how to speak Japanese? Next, he’s caring for his father when John’s going off to save Molly. Finally, he truly became human by questioning his existence! I was shocked. That was such a good scene between Ethan and Julie. She even comments to John that he’s about how he’s thinking. Also, I was shocked when he stopped his own father from “accessing” his mind with a password because Ethan himself changed his network. I’m impressed.

The only part I didn’t like was when people were being mean to Ethan. I didn’t like it when people were trying to steal his bike and I didn’t like it when John left Ethan for the night with Julie because Odin joined her. I knew from the moment he came on the show that Odin wasn’t meant to be trusted. First of all, Julie must know it on some level because she doesn’t want her assistant to research him online. Secondly, he isn’t good news because he wants to eradicate all machinery-type humans, starting with Ethan! At this point, I’m feeling more for Ethan than for Molly. I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing.

Tonight was a two-hour special event for Extant. Next week is another one. I know that the show has been getting some low ratings so I have a feeling that CBS is trying to burn of the rest of the episodes as fast as possible. I just hope they don’t put in more and more storyline for the sake of a second season because, let’s face it, I don’t think that there’s going to be one.

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