What To Expect from Game of Thrones Season 8 After Crazy Finale

Were you gripping the couch as hard I was watching that finale? It almost felt like a cheat at first since we got the buildup but not the classic confrontation, but then we had a lot of foreshadowing to do and some scores to settle. What we saw in effect was the final preparation for the war that is about to consume Westeros in a contest between ice and fire. With the Nigh King astride his own dragon, a monstrous thing to behold, the war is about to escalate in a way that will force almost every combatant to make a choice as to whether they can work together. To do otherwise is to die.

Here’s a few things you might be able to expect.

 The Clegane Bowl

The Mountain and the Hound should hopefully square off come season 8, as the Hound has already told his brother that he’ll know who’s coming for him. There’s no doubt that the Clegane Bowl will be an action-packed brawl that will heavily favor the undead Mountain, who will feel no pain nor even a shred of remorse if he gets the upper hand on his brother. The Hound better learn to get over his fear of fire quickly, it’ll be his only hope.

Winterfell United

Sansa and Arya have obviously played a grand trick that no one was expecting, especially not Littlefinger. With the master manipulator out of the way however there no exists a much greater problem. Winterfell is in the path of the dead that have now been allowed to breach the destroyed remains of the Wall. And their nearest ally is out to sea at the moment.

Cersei is justifiably nervous.

Her enemies are firmly against her no matter what happens. Her brother has ridden out against her will, and she is all alone at this time with her pet monster, who is truly no better company than a dog awaiting his master’s orders. Even with the recruits coming from Essos there is no guarantee that her forces will be strong enough, or even there on time, should the northerners survive. She is feeling her rule slip away each passing second as she attempts to scheme and plot her way to greater glory over her enemies.

Jon’s true identity will be revealed.

It might seem odd that he’s now romantically linked with a relative, yeah, disturbing, but if he is discovered to be of Targaryen blood, which he is, that means he’s next in line for the throne. What could that possibly do to the relationship between himself and Dany? Cersei won’t bother to relinquish her crown, and will probably cite the last Targaryen to hold the seat of king, and what happened to him.

Dragon vs. Dragon

This will be an epic clash as the ice dragon has to contend against its two former siblings. It’s already been seen that the ice dragon’s power is enough to bring down the Wall, but it will be going against two fully grown dragons, not an immobile wall. This battle should be something of interest.

Season 8 won’t be premiering until late 2018 at the earliest, with early 2019 being likely.

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