Everything We Know about Indiana Jones 5 So Far

Indiana Jones 5

So far the one thing that anyone knows about Indiana Jones 5 is that Lucasfilm is still very invested in making it, though at this point the fact that it’s been through three different writers as Chris Agar from ScreenRant reports is kind of troubling since this would indicate that people either don’t want to do it or the screenplay is simply too complicated and needs to be passed around until someone that can do something with it has been found. That last part is kind of dramatic really, but so far it’s pretty close to the truth since three different writers have had a few different ideas about how the movie should go.

Jim McNab of Cracked.com takes a different approach and seems to think that Indy 5 is going to be something of a train wreck since going through two writers already isn’t exactly a ringing recommendation for a movie that still won’t be out until 2021. By that time Harrison Ford will be well into his golden years if you don’t think that he is already, and any action sequences might need to be shot from a healthy distance with a stunt double rather than up close and personal as they’ve been done in the past. Plus, there’s the whole angle of what he’s going to be trying to find this time, as the artifacts and treasures that he’s found in the past have ranged on the epic to absolute mind-blowing scale. In fact, since the last film was about finding a hidden spaceship in the midst of an old and forgotten civilization, one could almost assume that Indy 5 needs to have him find something on the scale of world-changing since there’s not a lot that can top the kind of wow factor that the Crystal Skull movie had.

One thing that Rick Marshall of Digital Trends has found out is that this will likely be Harrison Ford’s last time as the adventurous teacher/explorer, but it might not be the last Indy movie we see as you can easily guess in the future that the story might keep going. What it will entail we don’t know, but if a studio can milk a franchise for every penny you know they’re going to do it. This has been seen with many films that should have been left alone for a while to give them the chance to rest before bringing them back. But it would seem that the Indy movies are attempting to get as much as they can out of Ford in an attempt to bring a close to his character at least. How they would bring him back after this would be hard to see unless you figure that Indiana has been searching for artifacts since he was young, as The Last Crusade proved when it showed River Phoenix as a young Indy.

The question of what he’ll be going after in this movie is still a big one though. It does kind of assume that whoever is in the film with him will help to better define just what he’s going after and why. But it remains to be seen who’s going to come back to the cast since a lot of people don’t want to see Shia LaBeouf any longer, as Mutt was never a favorite character from the moment he came on screen to the final lines of the movie. But if he’s not going to be working with his son or love interest it does seem to indicate Indy’s foray into the world of treasure hunting and archaeology might have left him an old and lonely man that still has friends but is still obsessed with the hidden parts of the map that have yet to be filled in. There was a rumor that he would be seeking a train filled with gold taken by the Nazi’s that had disappeared, but that was kind of scrapped along with the second writer when the script was passed on to the next writer.

Right now all anyone knows is that the movie is coming eventually and has apparently started shooting as of April, but apart from that there doesn’t seem to be a lot of information that can give anyone anything else to go on. One thing I would gladly agree with is that this should be the last Indy, though as I’ve already said above it likely won’t be since those in charge seem to want the story to keep going until people are either tired of it or a new generation finds it endearing. No story ever really ends, but there is a point and time when the story needs to be given its rest so as to regain its status in the eyes and hearts of the audience. After a couple of years many stories finally start to look better, but when they’re continually thrust into the public eye they tend to get a little stale.

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