Everything We Know about Big Mouth Season 3 so Far

So the good news that Corey Plant from Inverse and a few others will tell you is that Big Mouth will be coming back sometime this fall and it will likely be even crazier than season 2, if that’s even possible. Given that the show focuses on half-imaginary characters that cause the bad decisions and other issues in the lives of the characters it’s hard to see just how it’s going to get any crazier moving forward, but the people in charge are no doubt ready to make it happen. There’s no trailer as of yet for the next season but have some faith that it’ll come since considering how quickly this year is moving by you’ll likely see a trailer in the next few months or so, if not sooner. However there is a teaser that seems to insinuate that the madness of puberty is only going to get more and more intense the further you go into the show.

Kayleigh Donaldson from ScreenRant pointed out that there was a special Valentine’s episode that came out in February, but if anyone was thinking that was the kickoff to season three then they haven’t been paying much attention. The next season will be coming out around the same time, roughly, as the first two seasons, so we’ll have to keep waiting at the moment. What else to expect however is going to be up in the air as season 2 was kind of nuts, well, it WAS nuts, and it left a lot to go on since a show based on puberty is going to be something that will definitely have a lot of ups and downs that can promote a great number of episodes that people can relate to and find hilarious largely because most of us went through this at one point or another. That could be why people are so in love with this show as well since it’s like watching a part of their lives all over again and experiencing the manner in which their bodies changed in a much more disturbing way that’s inherently comical and, despite being controversial, also quite hilarious.

One of the best parts that we can expect is that the entire cast is returning since to this point everyone has been either vital to the plot of the show or has at least been interesting enough that they were deemed worth keeping around. It would seem that now and again there are characters in shows that simply need to be written off for one reason or another, but they tend to leave gaps in the show that fans can’t stand since it screws up the continuity and therefore gives a lot of people a touch of anxiety as to how their absence is going to affect the show moving forward. A show about puberty and the many issues that come with it probably doesn’t need to add any more anxiety to the mix, but thankfully that won’t be necessary since so far people are loving all the characters and they’ve been well-received to the point that getting rid of any of them would be a horrendous mistake.

You can also expect that the stages through which the main characters are going through are only going to get worse since, well, let’s be honest, did puberty ever get easier for anyone until they were all the way through it? Granted, those in the real world didn’t have puberty monsters that were helping us to make some of our worst decisions, but puberty was never an easy time for anyone once they finally entered it, at least not until they were all the way through and found out that being an adult isn’t much easier. Isn’t that just the way it goes? This show is funny as all get out since it does remind us of those times growing up that things were awkward, painfully so in some cases, and bound to ruin our lives at any given moment it felt simply because they were contrary to what we felt we needed at that point. Puberty was like a funhouse maze at times that offered very few laughs that a person could share in and plenty of pitfalls and dead ends that were all metaphorical in nature thankfully but still gave you that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach since it meant that you had to keep moving forward and just get through it.

Season 3 seems to promising a lot of hilarity and a lot of images that might actually make eyes pop and jaws drop since so far the first two seasons haven’t stopped the nuttiness from spreading any further, much to the enjoyment of the fans. Just expect it to be crazy and out of control, it’s easier to enjoy that way.

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