10 Things You Didn’t Know about Eric Andre

Eric Andre is the kind of guy you either really like or you tend to stay away from largely because you don’t know how to take him and his humor. He tends to love poop jokes, yes you read that right, and considers them to be one of the funniest things in the world. So if you have an affinity for toilet humor, pun intended, then he’s probably your guy. But he’s done more than this of course and has built a reputation around being a funny guy and someone that likes to make people laugh. That’s a big mark in his favor since the world always needs a little more laughter, but once again his style of comedy might not be to your liking, so listen to him a time or two and then decide. Other than that he’s been seen to be working hard to maintain a reputation and keep his career moving upward so that he can become a known individual and perhaps someone that history will remember as an important personality when all is said and done.

That being said, here’s a few things you might not have known about him.

10. He has his own show.

The Eric Andre Show, no need for any other embellishment obviously, is a show that features pranks, shock humor, sketches, and celebrity interviews. It’s on late night so you might have to stay up after hours to enjoy it. But all in all it sounds like it would be pretty funny if a person could really get into it.

9. He identifies as an atheist.

Let’s get one thing straight, atheists don’t ascribe to the set religions, but this doesn’t make them bad individuals. They believe in morality, have a sense of principles and are ethical folks, but don’t tend to believe the same as others throughout the world do when it comes to how this world and the reality as we know it came to be. It’s another way to believe and to live, and one that people are entitled to.

8. Andre has a rather dim view of politicians.

Already a lot of people have got to like him for this since the fact is that not all politicians are evil incarnate as some might think, but a lot of them are capable of crossing that line if they absolutely have to. It seems that way at least.

7. At one point he was dating Rosario Dawson.

They were dating up until 2017 when they split. You have to wonder just how a man doesn’t make a relationship with Dawson work in any way he can. But perhaps there was something that both were lacking that made the relationship falter. Who knows?

6. He’s got a rather limited filmography.

He hasn’t done a lot of films, though he was in The Invention of Lying and The Internship. He played the ref during the Quidditch match.

5. He’s had a lot of TV appearances.

Eric has been in 2 Broke Girls, Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Big Bang Theory and many other shows. Sometimes it’s been just one episode, other times he’s stuck around for a bit. But he’s definitely become a known character to those that watch these shows.

4. He’s going to have a role in the upcoming Lion King.

The part isn’t entirely clear as the movie is still being filmed, but to be even a small part of the live action version of The Lion King is something special and should be something he can add to his resume that should stand out for a while to come.

3. He identifies as black and Jewish.

He’s not the only one, as rapper Drake, actress Rashida Jones, actress Lauren London, legendary musician Lenny Kravitz, actress Lisa Bonet, and actress Maya Rudolph are all famous individuals that also identify as both Jewish and black. It’s not all that unheard of in the industry but it is something that is a choice of each individual. Not denying either heritage can be tough at times, but it seems to be a much more preferred way to live.

2. He’s been the class clown for most of his life.

It seems that he was in some way destined to be a comedian for much of his life since he’s admitted that he was the class clown since he was in the 2nd grade. If you think about it when you look back on those years those people that sought all the attention and were goofy as all get out did seem kind of odd didn’t they? Obviously not all of them were meant for greatness, but Eric is a great example of what can happen when you embrace your inner clown early on.

1. He’s not a big fan of race comedy.

Between the Chappelle Show and Tosh.O there’s a lot of race comedy that goes on and to be honest, it’s easy to side with Eric in saying that there’s a little too much of it for the same old jokes to still be funny.

It might be worth watching this guy just to see his act.

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