Will Denzel Washington’s Robert McCall Die In The Equalizer 3?

Will Denzel Washington’s Robert McCall Die In The Equalizer 3?

2014 saw Denzel Washington step into the shoes of the famed character, Robert McCall, for Antoine Fuqua’s reboot, The Equalizer. Washington played the grieving ex-CIA operative who is thrust back into a world of violence when he defends a young girl from Russian mobsters. After the murder of a friend in The Equalizer 2, McCall embarks on yet another revenge mission, utilizing his deadly set of skills to take out the bad guys.

The Equalizer 3 will see Denzel Washington‘s McCall go up against his biggest adversaries yet, the Mafia. After escaping to a life of peace in Italy, McCall integrates into a small town and becomes friends with the locals. However, his tranquility will come to an end when he tangles with the local crime bosses. After discovering that his new friends are under the rule of a fierce gang with connections to the Mafa, McCall unearths his deadly skills once again to protect them.

Why The Equalizer 3 Is Set To Be The Last One

The Equalizer 3

The explosive trailer for The Equalizer 3 marks the movie as the final chapter. The brutal red band trailer showcases a plethora of violence, with McCall boasting unprecedented kills that The Equalizer fanatics haven’t seen before. So, it appears the makers of the movie want to go out on a spectacular, gruesome bang.

At the bittersweet end of The Equalizer 2, it appeared that McCall had turned his back on killing once and for all as he returned to his family home on the beach. However, with The Equalizer 3, it’s looking like a life of solitude really can’t exist for Robert McCall, as trouble seems to find him wherever he goes. This leaves the question in the air as to whether McCall will make it out alive in The Equalizer 3.

Why Denzel Washington’s Robert McCall Should Die

Denzel Washington The Equalizer 2

Since the first movie, McCall has continued to break a promise to his late wife that we will never kill again, before finally accepting that protecting the innocent is his calling. His deadly skills make him a nightmare for wrongdoers and he has no fear in taking on the deadliest of criminals. But with McCall trying to find peace in the third installment, it shows that he is finally ready to leave his violent past behind him. However, wherever he goes in the world, he finds himself in some kind of trouble.

While it would be a sad way to close out the franchise, McCall’s death is really the only solitude he will ever get. No matter where he goes in the world, bad people always show themselves – they are everywhere. And McCall will always possess a lethal set of skills that he would be tempted to use for vengeance. So, for McCall to “live” a happily ever after, he will most likely need to die so he can be reconnected with his late wife. Given that The Equalizer 3 is the final chapter, it’s possible that Antoine Fuqua will kill off the character to put a definitive full stop on the series.

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