Eight Reasons to Watch Netflix’s Sense8


On June 5, Netflix released a new series called Sense8, which focuses on eight people who suddenly find themselves mentally connected. Despite this strange mental connection, these individuals are completely unrelated to one another, and the first season explores these eight people and their respective journeys to understand what this link between them means, whether it’s destiny,  dangerous, or something else entirely.

I recently finished binge-watching all 12 episodes of Sense8‘s first season, and if you haven’t already started watching this fantastic show, I’m going to tell you exactly why Sense8 should be next on your summer watch list. These are eight reasons to start watching Sense8 right now.

The Wachowskis directed it

The Wachowskis’ previous work includes The Matrix series, Cloud Atlas, and Jupiter Ascending, which are all visually stunning films. I personally loved how dynamic the visuals were in Jupiter Ascending, and Sense8 definitely has that same style of cinematography. The Wachowskis have a particular challenge in portraying multiple characters in one scene that others cannot see, which requires a lot of overlapping in lines and not even once did I think it looked campy or poorly edited.

The representation in Sense8 is through the roof

This show doesn’t just represent races well but also makes room for different sexualities, gender identities, and even some mental illnesses. Within the main eight “sensates,” there are four people of color, but even the four white characters do not exist in an all-white world. Doctor Who’s Freema Aygeman has a reoccurring role as Nomi’s girlfriend, and it’s so good to see her on a show with such wonderful representation. Nomi is a transgender woman who deals with a number of terrifying plots, especially with her mother who refuses to respect her transition. Sense8 has a knack for making the most typical events the most terrifying for the characters and the audience.


It’s a good science fiction break for your summer

If you’re up for a science fiction show that won’t confuse you with too much information at once, Sense8 is the show for you. Netflix releases Season 3 of Orange is the New Black this week, so you have just enough time to squeeze Sense8 into your summer binge list. Plus, Sense8 is much better than Netflix’s Between.

The cast

With the exception of Freema Aygeman and Naveen Andrews, most of the cast consists of new actors (new to me at least). Despite the expected disadvantage of a lesser-known cast, the acting is amazing.

The characters

With such a large ensemble cast, it could be difficult for a show like Sense8 to provide development for each individual on the series. However, throughout the season, each character gets the same amount of screen time, and they each have their own challenge to overcome. The audience learns about each character as the eight “sensates” learn about one another. The flow of the show reminded me of the first few seasons of Heroes, but Sense8 allows for a more comprehensive understanding of each character.


Sense8 is a roller coaster of emotions

While it can be slightly graphic and violent, the dialogue and situational humor make Sense8 a must watch if you need a laugh, and then maybe a cry ten minutes later. Because the “sensates” feel each other’s emotions, the show builds on the concept of shared feelings and memories. As a viewer, I felt connected to each of the eight because of how extremely they connect to one another.

Sense8 shows that life is challenging for everyone

Sense8 shows that no matter where you are in the world, how perfect or disrupted your life is, there are good and bad things in every life. Sun lives a life of privilege, but struggles with family relationships. Capheus deals with poverty but relishes in the simplicity of one good day. Lito and Nomi deal with their sexualities in separate ways, but relate to one another through that shared experience. Sense8 reminds us that we are more similar to someone across the Earth than we might think.

Sense8 reinforces pure humanity

This is something every good piece of science fiction should do. The characters don’t know one another, but help one another in tough situations. We remember that insignificant skills we have may be useful to others and that the true beauty of humanity is the ability to reach out and help others in need. Sense8 is not as preachy as I make it sound; there are no grandiose speeches about humanity, or saving one another, because the writers exchange this through showing, not telling.

Have you checked out Sense8 yet? What do you think of it? Comment below and let us know.

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