Doug Liman: “Normal Rules Don’t Apply to Tom Cruise”

If there’s a real Superman in Hollywood I think we might be looking at him. Or at the very least, someone that happens to think he’s Superman. Tom Cruise is one of the most popular guys around no matter the fact that over the years his eccentricities have kind of made people wonder just what’s going on behind that smile and cocky look. He’s a great actor though, and a talented guy, but there are times when it seems like he’s taking too much on himself really.

There are stunt doubles in Hollywood for a reason.

Whether you want to believe it or not Tom Cruise does a lot of his own stunts. In American Made for instance he was doing all of his own stunts no matter how dangerous it was nor how insane. If it meant that he had to camp out in the middle of the Colombian wilderness then he was going to do it. So as you can see the headline isn’t just a fanciful way of saying that he goes beyond the known scope of the rules, he simply steps around them and keeps walking.

According to the odds and the gods, as the saying goes, Tom Cruise should have been laid up in a hospital way more times than he has throughout his career. He’s taken his fair share of lumps, bruises, and injuries, but somehow he’s always gotten back up and kept going. As of now though the rules might be applying to the aging superstar. On the set of Mission Impossible 6 he suffered a stun gone wrong when he broke either his foot or his ankle, the story isn’t clear on that part, trying to perform a stunt.

The actor is said to be absolutely meticulous when it comes to planning out his stunts and leaves nothing to chance, but unfortunately chance is always a second or less away. While the rules may not seem to apply to him because of the training he endures and the care he takes with his safety, there is always a chance that the world will impose those rules one way or another. That is one of the best explanations behind his current injury and its cause. Surely there will be a full, in-depth explanation of why the accident was regrettable but not Cruise’s fault, but the truth is that he is 55, not a young man any longer, and despite his training that keeps him in such great shape he is betting against long odds each and every time he goes to perform a stunt these days.

It is sad to say this but the crew that works with him and the director are going to have to stand up occasionally and say “no” to Tom Cruise. It’s not a word he cares to hear but like most things in life he will simply have to get used to it. His star power is not used up yet and there are many directors and costars that would like to see it continue. Guaranteed no one wants to see Cruise fade off into the sunset yet, but it is past time for him to realize that despite his training the clock is not stopped, nor is it moving backward.

Time to take a look at those rules again.


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