Dominion 1.03 Review: “Broken Promises”


In tonight’s episode of Dominion, I felt like I was partly getting a lesson in philosophy. I saw Michael talking about ‘what crimes were to what a man versus what crimes were to an angel’ all the way through to the end where Whele & Wlliam where comparing their relationship to lions. I especially enjoyed a conversation where Akira & Whele were discussing a life in captivity. I find it interesting that the show’s producers did this. I’m not sure that this if is how every episode is supposed to be or if this was just a fluke but I enjoyed it. The show made me think for once and while I don’t always need that, especially during these summer months, it’s nice to have.

While I still feel the show has too many plots, it was nice to see in this episode the creators/producers focusing on a few. We didn’t get to see as many actors in this episode in their prime (I would have to like to see Claire and her father discuss what the terms of her new rule are going to be), hopefully that keep the plotlines down to a minimum. The acting is still an issue for me though. Whele, portrayed by Anthony Michael Hall, is still superb. He likes what he’s doing. He enjoys manipulating people for power. He gets a rush of it. Viewers can tell him when he had a confrontation when Becca. He lives for it. We finally saw Tom Wisdom as Michael portray some emotions besides anger. In tonight’s episode, he had to show sympathy and sadness at Alex’s house. I went along with this for the sympathy. I had to look away when he cried because he was just too awkward. Last we have Luke Allen-Gale as William. It seems like he’s more of the clichéd boy next door but with a homicidal killer in him. He couldn’t stand to see Claire get hurt but then already breaks another worshipper’s back in the name of Gabriel? In retrospect, he seems to acts better when he’s doing something than just talking to somebody, whether it be Gabriel, Alex, etc.

Finally, and this is just a pet peeve of mine, it seems that everyone on Dominion has a secret. The General has his crazy eight-ball lover. Arika’s planning on overthrowing her government from Vega. Michael’s still not telling Alex everything. Even one of Alex’s security guards friends is gay. It seems like the only main character who doesn’t have a secret is Claire. Claire wasn’t going to marry William. She told her father. She didn’t hide it. She didn’t keep a secret. Now, I understand that for a good science-fiction/drama you must have a character with secrets but come on! Oh well. That’s what keeps us tuning right?

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